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Independent Lending offers Commercial Hard Money loans. Quickly tap into the equity of your existing property to reach your financial goals. Contact us today!

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Independent Lending

Independent Lending is one of the top commercial hard money lenders. With 40 years of combined mortgage experience and millions in funding each year, we specialize in helping commercial property owners with fast approvals and funding times. We have excellent customer service and competitive rates for our commercial hard money loans.

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Commercial Hard Money Loans

One of the most overlooked yet powerful financial tools in any individual or business’s war chest is commercial hard money loans. Commercial hard money lenders have made it easy for borrowers to pursue growth opportunities by providing quick access to capital that can be leveraged to purchase strategic commercial real estate assets.

Compared to traditional business banking or commercial loan programs you might be accustomed to; commercial hard money loans are a little bit different.

For starters, underwriting decisions are primarily based on the fair market value of the underlying real estate securing the debt rather than a borrower’s credit report of financials.

This allows commercial hard money loans to cut through traditional red tape that can slow down the approval process. It also allows California commercial hard money lenders, as well as those in Texas, Arizona, and Florida, to fund your real estate deal in a matter of days, not months.

Additionally, commercial hard money loans are typically underwritten in house without any upfront fees. This provides additional flexibility over other institutional programs that require borrower credit requests go through a loan commitment in order to be approved.

Banks and credit unions require borrowers to check all the right boxes before credit can be extended. Independent Lending is a different kind of lender.

For years Independent Lending has been helping hundreds of borrowers just like you achieve their financial goals by developing foundational business strategies centered around flexible and fast commercial hard money loan programs.

With a footprint extending from California to Florida, Arizona, and Texas, Independent Lending can tackle most loan requests that big banks are unable to accommodate.

Whether you’re a foreign national looking to build your real estate empire or you’re a local entrepreneur looking to buy some time while your long-term SBA loan gets approved, a commercial hard money loan from Independent Lending can help.

Different Commercial Hard Money Real Estate Property Types

There are a lot of different commercial property types that fit the mold to be good candidates for commercial hard money loan programs.

Many commercial lenders won’t lend borrowers money against certain types of commercial real estate. This is because those lenders are trying to mitigate risk by managing the concentration of their lending portfolio, where loans are secured by a narrow range of properties.

This can make it difficult to obtain a loan for a commercial property, even if you might meet the other qualification requirements. One huge benefit to getting a commercial hard money loan from Independent Lending is that most commercial property types are acceptable forms of 

     ● Retail – strip centers, planned community retail areas, and shopping malls

     ● Industrial – warehouses, storage facilities, distribution centers, manufacturing,  fabrication, and assembly workshops

     ● Office Buildings – traditional offices, co-working and creative spaces, executive suites, training and convention facilities, and flex spaces

     ● Healthcare – surgical and dialysis centers, urgent care, hospice and long-term care facilities, medical office condominiums, retirement communities, nursing homes

     ● Hotels – full and limited-service hotel and motel buildings, including but not limited to extended stay, micro, eco, bunkhouses, inns, bed and breakfasts, boutique, pet-friendly, and gastro hotel models

     ● Multifamily – duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, garden apartments, mid- and high-rise buildings, condominium communities, mixed-use, student, and age-restricted housing

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Commercial Hard Money Loans

Best Ways to Use Commercial Hard Money Loans

There are several advantages to pursuing a commercial hard money loan for your financing needs. While commercial hard money loans may not work for everyone, they can be a powerful tool when implemented tactfully.

It’s no secret that the biggest advantages commercial hard money loans have over traditional mortgage programs is their ability to fund quickly and use alternative underwriting criteria for loan approvals.

Due to these factors, one of the best ways to use a commercial hard money loan is when you simply cannot qualify for a traditional bank loan or if conforming mortgage programs are not an option for you at this time.

For example, foreign nationals are often restricted by the types of mortgage loan programs they can qualify for. Yet, many California 
commercial hard money lenders, along with those in TexasArizona, and Florida, will lend money to foreign national borrowers.

Another best way to use a commercial hard money loan is when you need a significant source of financing in a short-period of time. Institutional lenders often need upwards of 8-12 weeks before borrowers can be approved and close on a new commercial mortgage.

In contrast, using commercial hard money lenders, Texas, California, Arizona, and Florida borrowers can close on a commercial hard money loan in a matter of days.

Independent Lending recognizes the multitude of situations in which commercial hard money can be useful. Other popular ways to use a commercial hard money loan may include:

● Buying more time to search or qualify for a long-term financing solution
● Cash needed to pay for unresolved liens or judgements
● Converting equity into cash to be used for working capital
● Purchase new investment properties at steep discounts
● Finance fix and flip projects on a short-term basis
● Prevent construction situations where building may be delayed
● Supplement the financing from another commercial lender

Borrower Requirements

Unlike traditional commercial loan programs, borrowers do not have to provide piles of documents in order to qualify for commercial hard money. Independent Lending can qualify most borrowers with few documents.

Similarly, borrowers do not have to have a pristine 
credit report to be approved for a commercial hard money loan. Independent Lending puts more emphasis on the value of the subject property securing your loan, enabling more borrowers to become approved.

Loan-to-Value Ratios

Most California commercial hard money lenders, as well as those in Texas, Arizona, and Florida, typically have loan-to-value (LTV) requirements when providing commercial hard money financing.

Since borrowers can obtain new commercial hard money with fewer strings, most commercial hard money lenders will only lend up to 55-60% of the fair market value of the subject real estate securing the loan.

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Commercial Hard Money Loan Highlights

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Commercial Hard Money Interest Rates

Commercial hard money loans are in high demand for the multitude of benefits that they provide. Since commercial hard money is so advantageous, one drawback is that they can often have higher interest rates compared to traditional mortgage loans.

Nevertheless, smart borrowers understand the 
return on investment (ROI) can still be fruitful by integrating commercial hard money programs into their business strategy. Despite possibly paying higher interest rates, consider the money you will save by closing expeditiously and putting the funds to work to grow your commercial enterprise.

Why Use Commercial Hard Money from Independent Lending

There is no denying that commercial hard money can be a fast and flexible alternative to mainstream, restrictive commercial lenders. But choosing the wrong commercial hard money lender can be a bitter pill to swallow.

Independent Lending is a preferred commercial hard money lender with over 40 years of combined experience financing deals throughout California, Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

What sets Independent Lending apart from other commercial hard money lenders in Florida and 
commercial hard money lenders Texas is our concierge approach to commercial hard money lending.

While some commercial hard money lenders throw you into a commercial hard money loan program without hesitation, Independent Lending takes the time to really know your business strategy and develops a commercial hard money loan strategy that is specifically tailored to your financing needs.

With over $500 million in funding over the last
decade, our clients agree that Independent Lending’s dedication to trust, experience, and service is above all other providers.


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