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Independent Lending offers the best hard money loan programs. Tap into the equity in your property to accomplish your finacial goals.

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  • Residential & Commercial

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  • No Upfront Fees

Independent Lending

Independent Lending has been a reliable hard money loan provider since 2013 supplying an array of hard money, private money as well as specialized finance programs. Founded in gorgeous Aliso Viejo, CA Independent Lending has funded over $500 million in in mortgage lending as well as giving an exceptional degree of Consumer Solutions and also fast financing for rapid money. Independent Lending’s hard money home mortgage costs are affordable as well as we have no junk charges.

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What is a Hard Money Loan?

Hard Money Loans, are short-term mortgage instruments through which a client gets funds protected by the equity position of real residential or commercial property. These hard money loan programs offer primary, secondary and sometimes third lien positions. These loan programs are typically for borrowers falling outside of traditional and governmental underwriting standards.

Using only the equity position location and condition of the subject primary or investment property to determine eligibility, 
credit scores, 30 days plus mortgage late, liens, judgments, personal bankruptcies, and other issues do not prevent qualification for this type of bad credit home equity loan.

What kind of rates of interest should I anticipate with a hard money loan?

Hard money loans can be expensive. Let’s compare interest rates on these loans to more conventional loan types. In January 2023, the average rate on a conventional 30-year fixed-rate mortgage was 6.94%, according to Fannie Mae. Hard money loans can have higher interest rates, typically 7.99 — 11.99%.

As credit scores and income is no longer factored into approval, hard money loans are underwritten on a case-to-case basis for practicality and flexible terms. With these compensating factors, hard money loans can be more pricey depending on the 
loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. Usually hard money or private money lenders will only finance 60 – 65% of the property’s value, so you may need to bring a sizable down payment to the closing table for hard money purchase loans.

How do Private Home Equity loans stand apart from Conventional, FHA, and VA loans?

Depending upon your loan type, conventional and government backed mortgages can have a fixed or adjustable rate and are totally amortized over a duration of approximately 15 – 30 years. Basically, the entire quantity obtained is paid completely throughout the loan. These are typically full documentation loans requiring credit reports, tax returns, W-2’s and paystubs for underwriting.

On the other hand, hard money equity loans will usually be interest-only with terms varying from 6 months to 5 years. Being interest-only, all payments go toward interest and the principal stays the same throughout of the loan. At the end of the loan term, a 
balloon payment for the initial loan amount is due in full. Location, condition and equity position of the property overrides the credit and income requirements so there is much less paperwork and time frame from start to finish is much faster.

Need a Hard Money Loan?

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Residential Hard Money LoanS

Evening cityscape of modern homes - Symbolizing Sacramento commercial property success with hard money loans!

Commercial Hard Money Loans

What are the advantages of a hard money home equity loan?

When all other choices have been exhausted and rejected by conventional lenders, private money home equity loans permit borrowers the flexibility and versatility to get successfully funded. Since equity position is the main basis for approval, bad credit ratings, mortgage history, and proven earnings are far less substantial and will not typically stop an individual from approval.

Depending upon state guidelines, hard money equity loans can be secured for all kinds of real estate including primary, investment, industrial, multi-unit and 
mixed-use residential or commercial properties. These poor credit home equity loans can be utilized for real estate purchases, investment home enhancements and restorations, business start-ups, business expansions, business debt consolidations, and more!

Hard Money Pros

•  Rapid approvals and funding
•  Absolutely no FICO requirements/restrictions
•  No constraints on mortgage lates
•  Stated income/stated assets
•  Jr liens
•  No foreclosure exemptions
•  Funding one day out of personal bankruptcy
•  Emergency and bridge financing
•  Loans for Foreign Nationals, Trusts and corporations
•  Funds for business start-up, operating costs, payroll and growth
•  Prepaid mortgage up to 12 months included in funding options
•  Fixed rate of interest
•  Manageable loan terms

Hard Money Cons

•  Much shorter loan terms
•  Greater rate of interest
•  Greater loan costs
•  Prepayment Penalties
•  Interest-only mortgage payments
•  Balloon payments

Hard Money Loan Highlights

(State Specific)

Are There Prepayment Penalties if I settle the loan early?

Almost all hard money equity lending institutions need a 3 to 6 month guaranteed interest duration. Depending upon the private money lender, they might implement this in one of two methods:

Soft Prepay Penalty: Borrowers are only obliged to pay the remaining months left in their ensured interest duration. For example if there is a 6 month soft prepay and 4 months for payment have already been paid by the borrower, then only 2 months penalty is collected if the loan is paid off early.

Hard Prepay Penalty: Borrowers are required to pay a penalty charge equal to the full penalty amount. For example, if there is a 6 month hard prepay and the borrower has paid 4 months worth and then pays off the loan early they would be charge with an additional 6 months of payment.

It’s important to communicate with the 
hard money equity lenders on how long you plan on keeping the loan in the beginning of the process. For short term requirements of under 6 months, this can be approved with an increase to the rate or fees. Contact us today to discuss your mortgage lending goals.

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Real World Scenario

Independent Lending provided a $55,000 2nd trust deed private home equity loan for this condo in Torrance, California. The appraisal was finalized at $597,000 and the property owner was self-employed and requested the funds for business expansion. We were able to fund his new business purpose loan within 2.75 weeks. Proof of income and all credit scores were a minimal deciding factor in the loan approval.

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