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Independent Lending offers California cash out refinance loans. Leverage the equity in your real estate for quick cash. Contact us today to discuss your goals!

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Independent Lending

Independent Lending has been offering cash out refinance loan financing for California real estate since 2013. With over $500 million in mortgage funding, we work with California investors and current property owners for a streamlined process that results in fast cash. We are an approved Zillow 5 Star lender and we focus on hard money lending, private money loans and specialty mortgage programs.

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Private Money California Cash Out Refinance Loans

Whether you own a single primary residence and need a quick cash infusion into your business or you own multiple investment properties, and your interested in adding additional real estate to your portfolio, you may want to consider a California cash out refinance.

A California cash out refinance from a private money lender can be a great tool to help jumpstart your investment strategy, increase liquidity, or even be an effective exit strategy when used correctly.

California property owners understand the advantage that a cash-out refinance loan can provide. In fact, over recent years California cash out refinance loans have grown in popularity. According to 
Black Knight, cash-out refinance loan origination volume hit a whopping $1.2 trillion in 2021.

Nevertheless, a California cash out refinance may not work for all property owners. If you are considering using a California cash out refinance, reaching out to a premier private money lender like Independent Lending is a great way to figure out your options and discover how a California cash out refinance might fit into your financial real estate goals.

How Does a California Cash Out Refinance Loan Work?

A cash out refinance loan from a private money lender works just like most other California cash out refinance loans you would get from conventional lenders, like banks and credit unions. This type of private money mortgage involves leveraging the available equity you have built up in your property.

As a real estate investor or home owner, you actively gain equity by both paying down your existing mortgage. You also passively gain equity as your property appreciates in value over time.

First consider your current monthly mortgage payment. As you pay your existing mortgage loan, a portion of your loan payment goes toward paying down your principal balance. As you gradually pay down your mortgage balance, over time you’re incrementally gaining equity.

Similarly, since real estate generally appreciates while your primary mortgage balance typically decreases. This means you generally will owe less to your lender the longer you own your property, but your property is also becoming more valuable, which is yet another way to acquire equity.

A California cash out refinance lets you tap into this new, available equity in your property by replacing your existing mortgage loan with a new mortgage, typically for a higher loan amount
. After paying off your current loan (and paying any closing costs or other fees), your private money lender will pay you the difference as a cash lump sum. There is also the option of leaving the current mortgage as is if you have a low interest rate and obtaining a new hard money 2nd mortgage.

For example, let’s say you want to refinance your current mortgage and obtain some cash out. Let’s assume that  your property is worth $100,000 and you owe $50,000 on your existing mortgage. Your private money lender may be able to offer you a California cash out refinance loan for $60,000.

After paying off the $50,000 you currently owe, escrow would send you $10,000 as a one-time wire deposit (less any closing costs and fees).

Need A California Cash Out Refinance in California?

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Residential Cash Out Refinance Loans

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Commercial Cash Out Refinance Loans

Cash Out Refinance Loan Purposes

As a real estate investor, there are several smart ways you can use the funds from a cash-out refinance. California investors who obtain a cash out refinance loan through Independent Lending have used cash out refinance proceeds for a variety of purposes.

Independent Lending can provide real estate investors with a California cash out refinance loan the ability to raise funds for a down payment on new rental real estate purchases. In some cases, the funds might even be enough to cover the entire purchase price. These types of 
bridge loans are a very popular way of obtaining your new property quickly.

Another cash out refinance loan purpose could be to pay off an existing mortgage with a balloon payment coming due or that is an adjustable-rate mortgage that’s about to adjust.

Additionally, investors have used California cash out refinance loan proceeds to pay for improvements to existing real estate, helping to increase its value and profitability. Properties well maintained or that have been renovated often allow you to charge higher rents.

The funds from a cash out refinance loan can also be used to pay off other business expenses or higher interest business debt. This can simultaneously help improve liquidity and cash flow. Fortunately in California, the refinance can be on a primary residence or a non-owner occupied property as long as it’s considered 
business purpose.

California cash out refinance loans allow you to strategically create an exit plan from investment opportunities should issues arise.

For example, if you work with a partner to build and manage your rental business, but they are looking to exit the industry or retire, you can use a cash out refinance to buy out your partner. This can also work in certain situations with divorced couples, where you may need to pay out a spouse.

Lastly, situations have come up where Independent Lending has been able to provide funding as a cash out refinance loan to refinance 
reverse mortgage loans for heirs.

These are scenarios in which you may have inherited a property but don’t have the means to pay off an existing reverse mortgage tied to it. Using a California cash out refinance loan can help you pay off that debt and get the title transferred into your name.

Advantages of a California Cash Out Refinance

Independent Lending recommends cash out refinance loans to California real estate owners because they offer several key advantages that other loan programs don’t offer.

For starters, cash out refinance loans from private money lenders can be extremely flexible. Income and credit scores are not a deciding factor which allow for more flexible guidelines.

Speaking of flexibility, foreign nationals can have difficulty getting approved for certain California cash out refinance loan programs used by traditional lenders. However, private money lenders often permit loans to 
foreign nationals.

Another reason to use cash out refinance loans from private money lenders is preferred by many real estate investors is that there are less restrictions on property types and seasoning of how long you have owned the property. This allows for versatility in situations that may call for creative solutions.

California Cash Out Refinance Loan Highlights

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Cash Out Refinance Loan Interest Rates

California cash out refinance loan interest rates can fluctuate for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest things that impacts your cash out refinance California interest rate is the equity position, location and condition of the property.

Different loan scenarios may have different pricing. Deals with enhanced risk may warrant a higher rate. Also consider that cash out refinance loans from private money lenders can often be approved and funded faster than a similar cash out refinance loan from a bank or credit union. For this convenience, private money lenders may require an additional premium.

If you are concerned about your California cash out refinance loan interest rate options, it’s best to speak to your private money lender directly. Independent Lending offers borrowers fast and free quotes instantly, so that you can get the answers to your pricing concerns before you commit to financing.

Private Money Cash Out Refinance Loans from Independent Lending

California cash out refinance loans offer a lot of upside for both new or seasoned property owners looking to tap into their available equity. Independent Lending is California’s preferred private money lender that specializes in cash out refinance loans.

With flexible loan terms, fast approvals, and a common-sense approach to lending, Independent Lending has helped many clients over the years get the cash they need through a private money California cash out refinance loan.

How We Can Help

Real World Scenario

Independent Lending recently completed a $160,000 business purpose cash out 2nd mortgage on this primary residence located in Pacific Palisades, CA. The appraisal value for this attached condominium came in at $1,150,000 and the loan was used to expand her existing small business for marketing and to pay off existing business expenses. The loan process was completed in 2.5 weeks and income or credit scores were not considered in the approval decision.

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Frequently asked questions About California Cash Out Refinance loans

Yes, in California it’s acceptable to refinance your primary residence thru private money lending providing that it’s a business purpose loan. Independent Lending is one of the few lenders that can provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd mortgage programs on your primary residence, depending on current loan and title factors as well as the equity position of your property.

We can fund in as little as 7 days, however there are several factors that can decide the length of time in funding your new loan. Appraisal, title, escrow and the ability to work closely with your loan officer can all have an impact on the closing timeline.

Yes, we offer consumer loan programs for cash out refinancing on residential 1-4 unit real estate. We consider these programs to fall under our Specialty Loan Programs. These programs would not be business purpose and there would be a different process for funding these types of loans. We specialize in these loans as well and would be happy to discuss the details with you.

Need A California Cash Out Refinance in California?


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