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Hard Money Loans for Multifamily

Independent Lending offers Hard Money Loans for Multifamily. Quickly tap into the equity of your existing multi-unit property to reach your financial goals. Contact us today!

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Independent Lending

Independent Lending is one of the top hard money lenders for duplex, triplex, fourplex and apartments buildings. We have over 40 years of combined mortgage experience and over $500 million in total funding while specializing in helping multifamily property owners with fast approvals and funding times. We are a Five-Star direct lender with excellent Customer Service and competitive rates for our multi-unit hard money loans.

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Hard Money Loans for Multifamily

Hard money loans for multifamily have become extremely popular over the last decade as markets have experienced drastic economic shifts, requiring real estate investors and property owners to adapt quickly to new market norms.

Utilizing and developing your financing strategy around multifamily hard money lenders is a smart way to get a leg up on the competition because it can give you a first-mover advantage.

First-mover advantage is the edge you obtain by being first to understand how markets are changing and have the resources to react before competitors. Inherently, hard money loans for multifamily are designed for quick approvals and fast funding.

Hard money loans for multifamily are a great way for new or seasoned real estate investors to build or expand a real estate empire. Rather than purchase several separate single-family rental properties, multifamily hard money lenders make it easy to buy several units at once through a multifamily purchase.

There are other easy to leverage hard money loans for multifamily as well. If growth is still your primary focus, but you already own several multifamily properties, consider using a hard money loan to take cash out of one property to be used for a down payment on another.

The possibilities for using hard money loans for multifamily are endless, but the sticking point for any solvent multifamily financing strategy is choosing the right multifamily hard money lender to partner with.

Independent Lending is the area’s preferred multifamily hard money lender that has helped clients all over the country from California and Arizona to Texas and Florida. With a tenured history and sophisticated hard money loan programs, people choose Independent Lending when they want to build passive income and generational wealth through multifamily real estate.

Fitting Hard Money Loans for Multifamily into Your Real Estate Investing Strategy

For years real estate experts have quarreled over which types of real estate offer superior returns, single family, or multifamily properties. The general consensus is that multifamily offers better return on investment long-term, but can be challenging to get started.

One of the core reasons investors choose multifamily properties over other types of real estate is because of their scalability. For example, if you are an investor looking to 
maximize cash flow, you will want to acquire as many units as possible. While you could buy single family rentals, it will take more time and money to acquire multiple rental units than if you simply bought a multifamily building.

Multifamily hard money lenders can help accelerate the growth of your portfolio by providing quick access to capital that can be used to acquire more units quickly and at cheaper price points.

Another way hard money loans for multifamily can help is by providing the funds necessary to maintain the units you end up renting. Many multifamily investors will utilize cash out refinance hard money loans to pay for improvements and repairs. Well maintained properties tend to have bigger payoffs when it comes to marketability and appreciation.

Evidence shows that multifamily properties that are properly cared for tend to appreciate faster than those neglected. This can make a big difference when it comes time to sell or obtain a new mortgage.

Similarly, multifamily properties adequately maintained tend to be more marketable to prospective renters. This can lower your 
overall vacancy rates and help make your building more profitable by allowing you to charge higher rents.

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Residential Multifamily Hard Money Loans

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Commercial multi-unit Hard Money Loans

Types of Properties Multifamily Hard Money Lenders Finance

There are a lot of ways to build wealth by owning and investing in multifamily real estate. Choosing the right type of multifamily building that synergizes with your real estate investing strategy is almost equally as important as your return on investment.

For example, acquiring the wrong multifamily property that doesn’t resonate with your management style could throw your operational cost totally out of whack and ending up costing you more money while you rein in your investment.

The good news is that many multifamily hard money lenders can finance any type of multifamily property you find it worth purchasing.

Independent Lending can finance anything from single family properties with separate accessory dwelling units to formal high rise apartment buildings. Hard money loans for multifamily typically work best for: duplex (2-units), triplex (3-units), and quadruplex(4-units) real estate.

Any multifamily property that has over four residential units is considered commercial real estate in most circles. Independent Lending also has hard money loans for multifamily commercial real estate including multifamily mixed-use and traditional apartment buildings (including but not limited to garden, midrise, highrises).

Multifamily Hard Money Loan Rates

Whether you are looking to diversify your portfolio or expand your existing multifamily real estate portfolio, multifamily hard money lenders can provide the financing you need to grow your asset base.

But while hard money loans for multifamily are superior to many traditional mortgage programs on the market, it’s important to understand these programs often require a premium for being fast and flexible.

Expect your multifamily hard money lender to charge a higher interest rate to utilize hard money loans for multifamily. A lot of criteria can impact the pricing for your specific credit request, so rates can vary from lender to lender.

Nevertheless, Independent Lending always strives to provide the most competitive pricing available, which is why we continue to be one of 
Zillow’s 5-star approved direct lenders.

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Commercial Hard Money Loan Highlights

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Using Independent Lending as Your Multifamily Hard Money Lender

Most real estate investors typically like to invest in multifamily real estate located in more densely populated areas, where demand from renters is elevated. As rental markets remain robust across the country, multifamily real estate continues to be highly sought after.

Levering a partnership with an affluent multifamily hard money lender like Independent Lending can provide many competitive advantages that will allow you to advance your multifaceted real estate investing strategy.

To begin with, getting hard money loans for multifamily from Independent Lending enables you to seamlessly synergize efficient loan programs to a traditionally slow purchase process.

Getting a 
traditional mortgage for a new multifamily property requires you to go through cumbersome application and underwriting steps that can take weeks before you are approved. Alternatively, Independent Lending utilizes a straightforward approach when approving hard money loans for multifamily, allowing you to close in days not weeks.

Another advantage to using a multifamily hard money lender like Independent Lending is that you can capitalize on strong performing rental markets across multiple markets including California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

Other multifamily hard money lenders have a limited footprint that they can lend within. The same goes for institutional lenders, since they must have certain licenses to do business in other areas. These restrictions can be a major setback if your multifamily investing strategy includes acquiring rentals in emerging markets across state lines.

Independent Lending has the business acumen, licenses, and resources that can support any multistate multifamily investing strategy. In some cases, owner-occupied loans for California and Arizona investors looking to live in one unit of a multifamily property can also be accommodated.

Lastly, while some multifamily hard money lenders offer hard money loans for multifamily property purchases, they lack programs that help existing property owners leverage existing real estate as means to pursue new real estate opportunities.

Independent Lending offers both purchase and refinance hard money loans for multifamily real estate, allowing you to select the loan program that fits best with your overarching financial objectives.

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