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Independent Lending offers fix and flip loans for California Real Estate. Borrow funds for the short-term, fix and then sell for profit. Call us to today discuss your goals!

  • Fast Funding to Reduce Holding Costs

  • No Prepay Penalty Available

  • Value Based on ARV

  • Experience Required

  • 65% Max LTV/CLTV

Independent Lending

Independent Lending has the experience, trust and service to fund your next loan confidently. With over 40 years of combined mortgage lending experience and millions funded each year, our happy customer base keeps growing. We are BBB Accredited with a A+ Rating and look for forward to assisting you with your next fix and flip loan.

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What is a Fix and Flip Loan?

Fix and flip loans in California can help you have another income stream if you want to diversify your real estate investments. For example, rather than buying a home to hold and rent, you buy undervalued properties that you renovate and sell quickly.

The problem many investors run into, though, is capital. It takes money to buy a house, renovate and sell it and conventional lenders won’t finance a home unless it passes the 
appraisal. Unfortunately most fix-and-flip homes won’t pass the appraisal, leaving investors in a bind.

Fix and flip loans can help you get the money you need to add this opportunity to your real estate business.

A fix and flip loan is a short-term loan from a hard money lender. Investors can use the funds to buy the property, renovate it, and sell it. The loans are short-term and so is the exit strategy for most fix-and-flip properties.

How do Fix and Flip Loans Work?

Fix and flip loans use the property you’re buying as collateral. This is the same as conventional financing, however instead of requiring full documention, the hard money lender will focus on the following:

  • The property’s purchase price

  • The work planned to renovate the property

  • The cost of the work to renovate the property

  • The property’s after-repaired value (ARV) as estimated by an appraiser
Lenders will do their own due diligence on the property such as original condition and location combined with the above information to determine your approved loan amount. 

The terms fix and flip lenders offer vary by lender and are usually on a case-by-case basis. On average, you can borrow funds for 6 to 18 months. This being a short-term loan, make sure to have a solid exit plan to pay the loan off in time.

It’s also best to have an emergency plan if things don’t go as expected. For example, if the contractors find more problems with the home you need a Plan B to pay the loan on time.

Most California fix and flip loans close within 7 to 10 days, giving you access to the funds quickly so you can get your process going.

How Much can you Borrow on a Fix and Flip Loan?

Like most California hard money loans, lenders need you to have equity in the home. When you purchase a home, you must put your own money into it. Most borrowers can borrow around 65% of the home’s after repaired value (ARV) for fix and flip properties.

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Pros of Fix and Flip Loans in California

Like any loan program, there are pros and cons of fix and flip loans in California. Here are the advantages.

Flexible Guidelines

Unlike conventional financing, fix and flip loans have more relaxed guidelines. The focus is on the property, not you.

Lenders may check your credit or ask about your income, but their focus is on what you plan for the property. How much will you pay for it? How much do renovations cost? What will the home be worth after renovations?

Fast Returns

Because fix and flip properties are short-term, you’ll see a faster return on your investment than with a buy-and-hold property. Since most terms are less than 18 months long, you should have a plan to buy and sell the property quickly. This allows you to move on to another investment, continuing to diversify your real estate portfolio.

Fast Funding

When you create a plan to fix and flip a property, time is of the essence. The values, bids, and contracts you’ve received are timely, so your funding must be too. Hard money lenders can fund loans quickly, giving you the funds needed within a week.

Cons of Fix and Flip Loans in California

It’s also important to know the downsides of fix and flip loans in California. Every factor should play a  role in your decision.

Higher Interest Rates

Lenders base the interest rates they charge on the risk level of the loan. Since fix and flip loans are risky, borrowers usually pay higher rates. The good news is that the terms are short, so the total interest charges are not too excessive, but you must calculate them into your costs.

Values can decrease quickly

No matter how much planning and research you do, real estate values are unpredictable. If there is a decline in the neighborhood or an influx of inventory, you may suddenly be facing limited buyers.


(State Specific)

How to Get Approved for Fix and Flip Loans in California

So how do you make sure you get approved for a fix and flip loan? Here are the top tips.

Partner with a Reputable Lender

Work with an expert loan officer that knows these programs, understands the values and will help you get the financing that makes the most sense for the project. The right partner will have experience in fix and flips and may even offer advice regarding the professionals you need to handle the project.

Know the Terms

If they require draws, how do they work? At what stages can you draw, and what must you provide to get the draws?  Some lenders require proof of completion to obtain the next draw. 

Have a Solid Plan

You need a plan that details what you’re renovating, who’s doing it, and the costs.  Obtain several bids from different contractors and word of mouth referrals are very important.

Do your research and know the full cost to ensure you have enough money to invest with your own funds and qualify for adequate financing.

Have Reserves

Fix and flips don’t always go as planned. Having an emergency fund of 10% – 15% of the project’s cost ensures that you can handle whatever is thrown your way and will be able to move forward with the project. 

Prove you Have Experience

Finally, prove to the lender that you have experience in real estate investing. Even if this is your first fix and flip, do you have experience with other investment properties? The more experience you have in the industry, the more likely you are to get the funding approved.

Key Takeaways

Thanks to California hard money rehab loans, you can turn a rehab project around in a few months to a year and make a profit. Investor’s holding costs should be kept for a minimum amount of time for maximum profit. The key is to partner with a reputable hard money lender that understands the area, has experience in fix and flip loans, and will work with you individually.

If you’re thinking about flipping a home, 
contact Independent Lending and see how we can help you make the most of your real estate investment today.

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Real World Scenario

Independent Lending provided a $130,000 Hard Money Loan for a rehab in Orange, California. The loan was secured by a single family residence with an ARV value of $1,100,000. The homeowners requested the funds to finish remodeling their investment property. We were able to fund the new hard money rehab loan within 2.5 weeks. Income and credit did not play a part in the underwriters approval.

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Frequently asked questions About fix and flip loans

Typically fix and flip loans are underwritten for 12-18 months.  We will cater the terms to your goals however we tend go have shorter terms for fix and flip loans so that the investor’s holding costs are at a minimum.

Most auctions do not allow for financing and will only approve a cash offer. We will underwrite the loan if the auction allows for financing. We do not have seasoning requirements so one popular method is for the investor to pay cash for the property and then immediately after closing apply for a fix and flip loan program with Independent Lending.

At Independent Lending, we make it a priority for a fast and streamlined funding. Typically we can fund in as little as 7 days providing all factors come into play immediately.

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