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Independent Lending offers asset-based lending for real estate in California. Tap into the equity in your property to accomplish your finacial goals.

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Independent Lending

Independent Lending has over 40 years combined mortgage lending experience and millions in funding each year. Based in California, we deliver exceptional service, trust and experience to all of our clients. Independent Lending is a direct hard money lender offering fast and flexible mortgage funding solutions.

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Asset-Based Lending for Real Estate in California

There are a variety of ways to purchase or refinance investment properties in California without documented proof of income, but one of the best ways is to obtain a loan from a private money lender that offers asset-based lending for real estate.

Asset-based lending for real estate, also known as equity-based lending, has become a preferred method of financing by individuals looking for alternatives to traditional mortgage programsInvestors and self-employed individuals often find tremendous value through asset-based lending for real estate as these borrowers often have non-traditional forms of income.

Instead of qualifying for a loan based on your income, asset-based lenders use the value of the proposed real estate and your down payment (or available equity) as the main criteria for qualification. This makes asset-based mortgage lending the perfect tool when financing new or existing California real estate.

Independent Lending often recommends asset-based lending for real estate to be considered as part of any new financing strategy since asset-based mortgage lending offers several advantages compared to other programs, including alternative underwriting criteria and lighter documentation requirements.

For years both commercial and individual borrowers have chosen to work with asset-based lenders for real estate like Independent Lending, realizing the value asset-based mortgage lending can bring to help fuel the expansion of real estate holdings.

Let’s dive in and see how a successful asset-based mortgage lending strategy can help you achieve your financial objectives.

How Does Asset-Based Lending for Real Estate Work

Hard money asset-based lending for real estate works a little differently than traditional mainstream loan programs you might be used to. Asset-based lenders for real estate in California allow you to obtain short-term financing for properties based primarily on the value of the proposed real estate and your down payment or available equity.

Since asset-based lending for real estate puts more weight on the value of the underlying real estate being used as collateral, most private money lenders will require a down payment or that you hold equity in the property between 30-35% of its fair market value.

Asset-Based Lending for Real Estate Purchases

For years, California real estate investors have turned to asset-based mortgage lending through Independent Lending because it significantly lowers the time it takes to get approved for financing.

Since asset-based lending for real estate cares less about personal credit and income, Independent Lending can approve real estate purchases much faster and fund lows in a few days.

By comparison it could take a few months to get approved for a traditional purchase loan through a local bank or credit union. Similarly, asset-based lenders for real estate can finance a wide variety of property types, so you don’t have to feel pigeonholed into purchasing certain types of real property.

Asset-Based Lending for Real Estate Refinancing

It can be easier to use asset-based lending when you hold multiple properties that are unencumbered and want to refinance to put all that tappable equity to work in other ways. However, you do not have to own a property free and clear in order to qualify for asset-based mortgage financing.

Asset-based lenders for real estate will often approve asset-based mortgage financing for real estate investors looking to refinance who meet the equity requirements for the property. Most asset-based lenders for real estate will lend up 65-70% of your California property’s market value.

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Commercial Asset-Based Hard Money Loan

Advantages of Asset-Based Mortgage Lending

Asset-based mortgage lending is simple yet powerful, making it one of the go-to forms of alternative financing for both individual and commercial California borrowers. In fact, there are several reasons why you might want to consider asset-based lending for real estate over other traditional financing options.

Enhanced Liquidity

Both California real estate investors and commercial borrowers know that liquidity is a major factor in financial planning and decision making. Have you ever heard the phrase, “cash is king?” That’s because cash is the most liquid asset around, being easily converted into other asset alternatives.

Financial experts often refer to
liquidity as an underlying measure of financial strength. Independent Lending recommends using asset-based mortgage lending as a way to improve liquidity, when necessary, allowing you to capitalize on investment opportunities or improve cash flow.

Alternative Underwriting Criteria

Unlike other loan programs, asset-based lending for real estate doesn’t require Independent Lending to review your personal income or employment history. That means you don’t need to worry about digging up your tax returns or providing recent paystubs and W-2s.

Similarly, while asset-based lenders for real estate may run a credit check as part of your application process, credit score and history are less of a factor for qualification purposes. The value of the underlying real estate is the primary qualifying factor.

This means that if you have had past credit related issues, including but not limited to collections, foreclosures, short sales, or even bankruptcies, Independent Lending can still get you approved for an asset-based loan for real estate.

Lighter Documentation

If you have ever applied for a new mortgage loan through a traditional lender, you’re probably already aware how cumbersome the application and underwriting processes can be.

Independent Lending keeps things simple with its asset-based mortgage lending process. Factoring in alternative underwriting criteria enables Independent Lending to offer financing to California borrowers without burdening you with having to provide piles of financial documents.

Getting a new loan shouldn’t feel like a tax audit from the IRS. In fact, implementing a lighter documentation methodology through asset-based lending for real estate helps speed along the approval process and gets your loan funded expediently.

Asset-Based Hard Money Loan Highlights

(State Specific)

Real Estate Asset-Based Lending Interest Rates

Due to the fact that asset-based mortgage financing offers a lot of flexibility and unique advantages over other loan programs, it’s important to realize that the interest rate offered on these types of loans might be a bit higher.

Like when you make other major large purchases, including a new vehicle, smart phone, or computer, some companies charge more for their goods and services because they offer superior speed, quality and service. The same can be said for asset-based lenders for real estate.

Nevertheless, a lot of factors can impact your repayment terms offered by your California asset-based lender. Independent Lending considers your down payment or equity, property value, and compensating factors when tailoring a customized loan offer just for you, at both a fair and competitive price point.

How We Can Help

Real World Scenario

Independent Lending provided a $68,000 owner occupied asset-based loan for business purpose in San Leandro, California. The loan was secured by a single family residence with an appraised value of $597,000. The homeowner was self-employed and requested the funds for capital injection into his marketing business. We were able to fund his new business purpose loan within 2 weeks. Income and credit scores were a minimal deciding factor in his approval.

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Frequently asked questions about California Asset-Based lending

Typically the asset-based lending program rates range from 7.99 – 10.50%. There are factors involved to determine the interest rate such as LTV, location, condition of the property and strength of the borrower.

We can fund in as little as 7 days however this is dependent primarily on title conditions and how fast we can obtain the appraisal report. The average time to fund an asset-based hard money loan is 15 days.

Yes, providing that you meet specific state guidelines for a primary residence. Contact us today to learn more.

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