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Independent Lending is the leader in Trust Loans for California borrowers. We work with trustees & beneficiaries in obtaining a short-term loan against the real estate owned by the trust.

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Independent Lending has been offering Trust loan financing for California real estate since 2013. We have over 40 years of combined experience and we are also a Zillow 5 Star lender and Accredited BBB rating of A+. We focus on hard money, private money and specialty loan programs for a smooth and fast process. Independent Lending has funded over $500 million in mortgage lending and our client list includes California investors, firs-time buyers and current home owners.

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Trust Loan Financing for California Real Estate

Independent Lending has been offering Trust loan financing for California real estate since 2013. We have over 40 years of combined experience and we are also a Zillow 5 Star lender. We focus on hard money, private money and specialty loan programs for a smooth and fast process. Independent Lending has funded over $500 million in mortgage lending and our client list includes California investors, firs-time buyers and current home owners. Contact Independent Lending today to get started on your California trust loan.

Most people don’t think of a trust as a typical borrower when it comes to obtaining a new mortgage, however trust loans are in fact a real and powerful financing solution available to many clients.

Just like how 
trusts can be set up in a variety of different ways, trust loans can also be set up to capitalize on any unique structure that your trust might have. Depending on whether you are a trustee or a beneficiary, as well as whether the trustee is living or deceased, could dictate the best approach to structuring your trust loan.

Trust loans can be used in several unique situations where liquidity may be an issue or tension remains high. Independent Lending understands that no two trust financing situations are the same and has helped many borrowers structure a new trust loan to best suit the situation.

Whether you are a trustee looking to tap into the equity of real estate retained within a trust or a beneficiary looking to inherit property and are trying to manage the probate process, a trust loan might be the answer for you. Let’s take a deeper dive into how trust loans work and when you might need one.

How Trust Loans Work

A trust loan is a type of loan that’s typically only made available by specialized trust loan companies or private money lenders. Independent Lending is one of only a handful of irrevocable trust loan lenders in California.

This kind of loan is typically not available from conventional lenders, such as banks and 
credit unions, because of the way the subject real estate may be titled. Conventional lenders that do offer programs to borrower’s whose real property may be in trust also often require a lot more due diligence and have more stringent lending requirements.

Normally, trusts are set up to provide legal and financial protections to specific persons, living or after they have passed, however this can sometimes create a lot of legal red tape, making it difficult for trustees or even beneficiaries to access trust assets.

A trust loan can help trustees and beneficiaries by using real estate held in trust to fund a variety of financial purposes. In many cases this could include paying certain estate expenses, but trust loans can also be used in beneficiary buy-out situations or to avoid tax reassessments. Some of the different ways trust loans can be used include:


Lending to Irrevocable Trusts

Normally, private money lenders offer trust loans primarily to irrevocable trusts. Irrevocable trusts cannot be changed once they are created. There are two types of irrevocable trusts: inter vivos trust and testamentary trust loans.

Inter vivos trusts, also known as living trusts, are created during the lifetime of the grantor—the person who creates and funds the trust. Testamentary trusts are created after the death of the grantor, through their will, and funded with assets from their estate.

A trust loan can be granted by private money lenders to an irrevocable trust, secured by real property owned by the trust. The property secures the lender’s interest in case of default, just as if the borrower had taken out a conventional mortgage.

While you can get a trust loan for both an inter vivos (living) and testamentary trusts, private money lenders often prefer lending to living trusts because they can contact the trustee directly to answer any questions about the loan or property securing it.

Also, because a living trust is created during the life of the grantor, there’s usually a better understanding among all parties about its purpose and how it will be used—leaving less room for misunderstanding or dispute later.

Nevertheless, both living and testamentary trust types are eligible to use a trust loan. To understand which trust loan options work best for your type of trust, make sure to reach out to a qualified irrevocable trust loan lender in California like Independent Lending.

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Lending to Family Trusts

Family trust loans are mortgages that are secured by real property held in a family trust. Family trusts can be both revocable or irrevocable. There are many types of family trusts including living, testamentary, marital, charitable, and special-needs.

One of the advantages of borrowing money from a family trust is that it can help a trustee, successor trustee, or beneficiaries fund the division of ownership in a property. Similarly, a family trust loan can help beneficiaries pay for the care of a trustee or take care of other trust obligations.

Typically, the trustee is responsible for making the trust loan payments, however this role could be delegated to a beneficiary if the trustee is unable to sufficiently ensure the mortgage is being paid off.

California Trust Loan Highlights

(State Specific)

Trust Loans to Beneficiaries

Private money lender trust loans to beneficiaries are a way for individuals to borrow money using the real estate of a trust as collateral. The trust must be established to allow for loan to be secured by trust assets, and it must have a trustee who is willing and able to complete the process.

If the designated trustee has passed, a successor trustee can approve and complete the loan process. This is the person who will take over as trustee if the current trustee is no longer able or willing to serve. The successor trustee would be required to review the loan documents and disclosures, as well as sign on behalf of the trust.

If you’re thinking about using a trust loan secured by a property held in a testamentary trust, you’ll likely need approval from all 
beneficiaries before taking out the loan. That’s because a trust loan will increase the amount of the trust’s obligations which would need to be paid back out of future distributions from the trust.

When taking out a trust loan from a private lender, it’s important to be aware of key disclosure requirements. This means providing the lender with all pertinent information about the trust and trust assets, including the identities of all beneficiaries.

Trust loans to beneficiaries can be extremely useful in situations where one beneficiary wants to buy-out another beneficiary who is looking to sell their ownership in a property. After the selling beneficiary receives their funds from the loan proceeds, title can be transferred to the buying beneficiary from the trust. Often the new property owner will then refinance the trust loan.

Why Use a Trust Loan

A trust loan is a better alternative to other forms of financing because they are provided by private money lenders like Independent Lending that specialize in trust loans and trust loans are secured by real estate.

Overall, this makes trust loans easier to obtain compared to 
conventional programs and less expensive than other high-interest options.

Trust loans are also ideal because they are not traditionally based on the credit history or income of a particular borrower, but rather on the value of the property securing the loan. By the same logic, this allows private money lenders to approve trust loans faster.

Key Takeaways

Whether you’re looking to make improvements to property held in a trust, need to buy-out another beneficiary, or you simply need liquidity for distributions to heirs, obtaining a trust loan from a private lender may be a good option for you.

Just remember that there are certain rules governing trusts so the way your trust is structured could impact the type of documentation and approvals needed in order to obtain a trust loan. In some cases, you’ll need approval from all beneficiaries before taking out a trust loan.

If you’re interested in obtaining new financing for a trust from a private money lender but are unsure the best way to structure the trust loan, Independent Lending can help walk you through all the nuances of obtaining a trust loan. 
Contact us today for a quick conversation about your financial goals.

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Real World Scenario

Independent Lending provided a $60,000 revocable family trust loan on a detached single family residence located in La Quinta, CA. The appraised value came in at $335,000 and the loan was used to expand their small business. All parties of the trust agreed to the transaction and we were able to complete the new loan within 3 weeks.

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Frequently asked questions About California Trust loans

Yes, an irrevocable trust can obtain a loan as long as the trust allows for the successor trustee to obtain a loan against the assets of the trust. There must be a benefit to the trustee or beneficiaries and in all scenarios, the loan will be made in the name of the trust.

All parties related to the trust must give permission. It will be the beneficiary that applies for the loan. Credit and income is not typically a deciding factor for approval.

7-14 days is the typical time frame for funding a California trust loan, providing that everyone in the trust is on board and that title is free of any major issues.

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