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Independent Lending offers hard money purchase loans for real estate in California. Don't miss out on our new purchase. We can do what the large banks can't! Leverage our experience and contact us today.

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Independent Lending

Independent Lending is the premier California provider in hard money purchase loans for real estate. With over 40 years combined mortgage lending experience and millions in funding each year, Independent Lending offers trust, experience and service to all of our clients.

Contact us today for more information about our purchase loans financed with hard money for California real estate.


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Hard Money Purchase Loans

Getting a traditional mortgage to buy a California investment property can be difficult for both new and veteran property owners, which is why most experienced real estate investors understand the power of using hard money purchase loans.

Hard money purchase loans can be obtained from preferred California private money lenders like Independent Lending, who offer special financing programs that synergize with multiple real estate investing strategies and business models.

Whether you flip houses, leverage long-term tenancies, or are looking to acquire a new commercial building, hard money purchase loans are exceptionally powerful for those who have unique financing needs or require extra flexibility.

Now more than ever, younger generations are choosing to rent over buying homes, which has created strong demand for investment rental properties. While a component to this trend may be related to affordability, transgenerational changes in lifestyles are also a contributing factor.

Independent Lending has helped hundreds of investors capitalize on these dynamic demographic changes and market trends by providing competitive hard money purchase loans that can be used by investors just like you to finance new real estate investment opportunities throughout California.

Traditional Loans vs Hard Money Purchase Loans

One of the best parts about investing in California real estate is that there is no one best methodologies for real estate investing. All business models have their own set of pros and cons. However, not every type of financing may resonate with your strategy.

It’s important to consider all your loan options before making any major financing decision. Certain loan programs may fit financing needs better than others. In fact, many investors don’t even consider private money lenders who offer hard money loans for purchases, or how advantageous hard money purchase loans can be.

Traditional purchase loans from institutional lenders such as banks and credit unions have strict requirements when it comes to financing investment real estate in California. They also work best for those with vanilla credit and income scenarios.

Conversely, private money lenders offer a variety of hard money purchase loans that have fewer underwriting requirements, which means they work for almost all borrowers, regardless of financial situation. In fact, Independent Lending can qualify borrowers void of personal income or who have recent blemishes to their credit report.

Underwriting and Approval

Stringent government regulations can constrict traditional loan flexibility and prolong the approval process meaning it could take weeks before you can close on a new California purchase loan.

Similarly, traditional programs have enhanced underwriting guidelines that can make it difficult to get approved for a new loan altogether. For example, you may not qualify if your debt-to-income (DTI) is too high or if your FICO credit score is below 620. You may also be required to demonstrate you have sufficient financial assets held in reserve to cover unexpected disruptions to your personal income or property cash flow.

In contrast, Independent Lending has fewer lending requirements which allows us to approve you for a new hard money purchase loan and fund it in as little as a few days. Don’t worry if your financial situation breaks the mold. Independent Lending considers the underlying real estate being used for collateral as the primary component for approving new credit requests.

Loan Terms and Pricing

It’s important to consider loan terms and costs when comparing traditional purchase loan programs to hard money purchase loans. There are a lot of key differences between the two.

For starters, traditional purchase loans are typically long-term mortgages, with terms ranging between 10-30 years. Hard money purchase loans are considered short-term financing, so loan terms are much more truncated with options often ranging between 6-60 months.

Also, in terms of loan costs and pricing, traditional programs often have a lower interest rate, but charge hefty points on the backend to make up for the risk involved with an investment purchase transaction.

While hard money purchase loans might have a higher interest rate, you also know you can close on your purchase in days, not weeks. You also get the added flexibility with respect to lending criteria and underwriting guidelines for loan approval decisions.

Need a Hard Money Purchase Loan?

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Residential Hard Money Purchase Loan

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Commercial Hard Money Purchase Loan

The Best Strategy for Hard Money Purchase Loans in California

Hard money purchase loans can work with any California real estate investing strategy. Independent Lending has helped hundreds of borrowers build wealth by financing new real estate acquisitions through hard money purchase loans.

Fix and Flip Strategy

One of the most popular real estate investing business models employs a fix and flip strategy where investors use hard money to purchase loans to acquire distressed or low-cost real estate, renovate it to improve its value, and then sell the property for a profit.

Since fix and flip strategies often work within small windows, looking to turn properties over quickly to avoid paying excessive carrying costs, hard money purchase loans are the perfect form of financing since they are short-term loans.

Hard money purchase loans also can fund very fast, allowing you to be a more competitive investor and scoop up lucrative deals at better price points, thereby strengthening your final net profits.

Buy and Hold Strategy

Another major California real estate investing strategy is buying strategic properties and simply renting them out to long term tenants. This works for both residential and commercial real estate rentals.

Hard money purchase loans can accelerate the rate at which you acquire new rentals since there are less hoops to jump through in order to get approved for a loan. Many investors will then later refinance their hard money purchase loans into a more permanent financing solution.

BRRRR Strategy

The BRRRR strategy to real estate investing has gained popularity over the last decade and is a bit of a hybrid between the fix and flip and buy and rent models.

Independent Lending often recommends hard money purchase loans to help investors succeed at implementing a new BRRRR strategy. The strategy involves the following steps:

1. Buy – purchase real estate at lower purchase prices with hard money purchase loans
2. Renovate – improve newly acquired real estate to make the marketable to renters
3. Rent – rent your newly renovated property as either a short- or long-term rental
4. Refinance – refinance your hard money purchase loan and leverage your tappable equity
5. Repeat – rinse and repeat the process multiple times to increase recurring cash flow

Hard Money Purchase Loans Highlights

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Advantages to Working with Independent Lending

There has never been a better time to leverage hard money purchase loans to buy investment properties in California. But not all hard money purchase loan providers are the same.

There are several reasons why borrowers choose Independent Lending over other private money lenders. For starters, 40 years of combined experience in the industry has helped mold our processes, enabling Independent Lending to provide superior service and faster approvals, all at competitive price points.

Furthermore, borrowers know they can come to us regardless of their financial background or credit request. Chances are we have a solution to fit your needs.

Do you have a complex credit history and want to qualify for a hard money purchase loan based on other lending factors? Are you interested in flipping a property that a traditional lender won’t finance because of its underlying condition?

Independent Lending can help you formulate the best mortgage financing strategy that fits your California real estate investing strategy. Move past the headaches and red tape by leveraging a hard money purchase loan from Independent Lending today!

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Real World Scenario

Independent Lending provided a $67,000 investment property loan for a hard money purchase in Victorville, California. The loan was secured by a detached single family residence with a purchase price of $446,000. The buyer was short of paying all cash and needed a small private money loan to secure the purchase. We were able to close on this hard money purchase transaction 2 weeks.

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Frequently asked questions about Hard Money Purchase lending

Interest rates typically range from 7.99 – 10.50%. The rate is decided based on several factors such as condition of subject property, location, equity position and overall strength of borrower.

Our average closing is 15 days for a hard money purchase, however we can fund sooner depending on how quickly conditions are met. Executed purchase contract, title and appraisal are among some of the items we require prior to funding.

Yes, we can offer 1st, 2nd and even 3rd lien positions for your purchase. Contact us today to learn more.

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