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Independent Lending is the leader in investment property loans for California borrowers. We help Investors grow their wealth and cash flow. Call us today to discuss your goals.

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Independent Lending has been offering Investment Property loans in California since 2013. We have over 40 years of combined mortgage lending experience and we are also an approved Zillow 5 Star lender. Independent Lending has funded over $500 million in mortgage financing and our client list includes first-time home buyers, California investors and current home owners. Accredited with the BBB on an A+ rating, we focus on private money, hard money and specialty loan programs for a streamlined and fast process. 

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Investment Property Loans

If you are a real estate investor looking for California investment property loans, private money lenders can help make buying or refinancing investment real estate extremely fast and easy.

Real estate continues to be a popular financial asset amongst investors, but without a durable source of capital your ability to acquire new properties and generate a healthy return on investment (
ROI) remains constrained.

California investment property loans from private money lenders are a reliable funding source that can help unlock and accelerate your earnings potential.

According to the 
US Census Bureau, over 10 million individuals reported owning rental real estate in 2018. Many of these individuals see the value in working with private money lenders for their investment property financing.

A few of the reasons why borrowers prefer working with Independent Lending, California’s premier private money lender, is because our investment property loans require less documentation, have liberal approval requirements, and can close much faster compared to traditional lenders such as banks and credit unions.

There are several factors to consider when obtaining a new California investment property loan. It’s important to consider how a private money lender can fit into your plan when developing your investment property financing strategy.

Types of Investment Property Loans

The type of California investment property loan you need often depends on your specific financing scenario. While most investors use California investment property loans to purchase new rental properties, investment property loans can also be used in refinance and rehab situations.

Independent Lending has tailored many California investment property loans to help real estate investors just like you achieve their financial objectives. By structuring deals to optimize investment yields, investment property loans can be a great tool in any investor’s toolkit. 

Investment Property Loans for Purchases

There are a few ways to leverage California investment property loans to your advantage, although most investors use them to pursue new real estate opportunities. California investment property loans can help you purchase new properties, especially in circumstances where the opportunities to strike are shrinking.

Reputable private money lenders can fund California investment property loans in as little as a few days. Being able to close on a deal quickly allows you to become more competitive and aggressively pursue new acquisitions.

Similarly, sellers often prefer working with investors who utilize private money lenders for their investment property loans because they know they will be able to close faster than if the sale was subject to you obtaining a 
conventional investment property loan.

For this reason, many investors choose Independent Lending over other traditional lenders for California investment property loans.

Investment Property Loans for Refinances

Independent Lending also offers new and seasoned real estate investors investment property loans for refinance situations. In certain situations, it may be advantageous to refinancing your investment property. California real estate investors often will leverage a cash-out refinance to use the funds for a down payment on a new rental property or act as a competitive cash buyer.

Another way an investment property loan from a private money lender can be a great refinancing option is when you have a balloon payment coming due on an existing mortgage loan or you have an adjustable-rate mortgage (
ARM) that is about to hit its adjustment period.

In these situations, you may be considering a long-term refinancing solution but getting a mortgage from a traditional lender may take too long. Using a private money lender, you can quickly refinance to give yourself more time to search for a long-term financing solution for your investment property.

Need A California Investment Property Loan?

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Requirements for Investment Property Loans

Independent Lending offers hard money, private money and specialty loans that do not follow typical conventional lending programs. Income and credit scores are not typically a deciding factor since we focus more on property condition, location and equity position. Hard money lenders such as Independent Lending offer a much easier and more streamlined process compared to conventional lenders, banks and credit unions.

In order to qualify for a new investment property loan, there are some general lending requirements for investment properties.

Keep in mind that every private money lender is a little different, so there could be some variation between what one lender and another lender may require. However, private money lenders generally have fewer lending requirements compared to conventional mortgage lenders.

Down Payment

When qualifying for a new California investment property loan, your private money lender will typically only lend up to 70-75% of the purchase price or fair market value, whichever is less.

Normally, 100% financing is not an option with private money lenders. This also means you will need to have enough assets to cover your down payment.

Rental Income and Cash Flow

If you are using an investment property loan for a rental property, the gross rents should generally exceed or balance out the property’s monthly expenses. Leases or a comparable rental market analysis can help substantiate an investment property’s rental production capabilities.

Exit Strategy

Most private money lenders offer investment property loans as a form of short-term financing. Most loans are for a year or less, although some can have a slightly longer term depending on your goals.

You will need to provide your private money lender details about how you plan to pay off the investment property loan. This could include either selling the property for a profit, refinancing, or using other means to pay off the debt.

California Investment Property Loan Highlights

(State Specific)

Investment Property Loan Rates

If you have ever shopped around for a new mortgage, you understand that there are multiple variables that can impact investment property loan rates. California investors can have a variety of financial situations which can impact risk and pricing.

Similarly, the type of investment property loan you are looking for, the location and condition of the subject property, and your overarching investment strategy all have an impact on your investment property loan rates.

In general, investment property loan rates are higher compared to conventional mortgage programs offered by banks and credit unions. However, you also get the added flexibility in terms of approval requirements and investment property loans from private money lenders often close more rapidly than other traditional mortgage loans.

California investment property loans may have lower rates compared to other states simply because there is more competition. For this reason, Independent Lending offers borrowers the option to get an investment property loan rate quote instantly, with the option in some cases for same day approval.

Key Takeaways

California investment property loans from a preferred private money lender are an essential financing resource that all real estate investors should give consideration.

Combined with a tactful real estate investment strategy, investment property loans can help grow your real estate portfolio, or provide fast financing in a pinch.

Independent Lending continues to be California’s preferred private money lender, specializing in investment property loans for borrowers who are looking to optimize their return on investment and increase profitability.

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Real World Scenario

Independent Lending provided a $130,000 private money 2nd mortgage on a investment property in Fullerton, CA. Appraisal report value came in at $835,000 and the loan was used to expand their small business for equipment, payroll and much needed cash flow. We were able to complete the transaction in 3 weeks. Income and credit FICO scores were not part of the approval decision.

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Frequently asked questions About California Investment Property loans

An Investment property is typically purchased to generate rental income and are occupied by tenants for most of the fiscal year. A second home is typically a one-unit property that is lived in by by the owner for portion of the year and is within a certain distance from their primary residence.

Yes, we lend on vacant and rental properties currently on the market.

Yes, we fund a lot of these types of loans. We would refinance the subject property and wire you the funds for you to invest in the new rental property.

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