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Independent Lending is the #1 lender for hard money lenders Dallas. With over $500 Million in funding since 2013, leverage our experience for success and contact us today.

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Independent Lending

As the leading lender for hard money lenders Dallas, Independent Lending has been providing hard money, private money, and customized mortgage loans since 2013. We provide excellent Customer Service and quick financing for those who need immediate cash. We have helped fund a total of $500 million in mortgage loans and continue to provide customers with affordable and flexible financing options without extra charges or fees. Independent Lending is the premier choice for those searching for Dallas hard money lenders. Contact Us to discover more about our Dallas hard money loan program.


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Hard Money Lenders Dallas

There are many great cities all throughout the Lonestar State, but none as synonymous with Texan culture quite like The City of Dallas. Home to the Dallas Cowboys, America’s football team, this major metropolitan has become the epicenter for one of the most lucrative real estate markets driving new investment today.

Local real estate trends indicate that Dallas has both the inventory and population to support sustainable rental growth for new and seasoned investors looking to boost their bottom line.

Digging into the demographics, data shows that younger professionals moving to the area are helping fuel rental demand, as seen by a recent 14% jump in rental demand. Dallas’s stronger economy has also helped foster population growth, allowing it to grow at a clip that’s 
double the national rate.

Similarly, while new construction on both the single-family and multifamily markets has heated up, builders cannot keep up with high demand, helping to keep investment properties at appropriate price points for investors to reap ample returns.

While some real estate investors have been hesitant about purchasing new rentals in such a dense market, Dallas offers a lot of profit-generating opportunities across both residential and commercial markets. Due to the competitive nature of this market, many investors have turned to Dallas hard money lenders to gain a leg-up on the competition.

allas hard money lenders can offer real estate investors a lot of advantages that traditional lenders cannot simply accommodate. Savvy Dallas real estate investors realize the myriad of benefits they can get by working with hard money lenders. Dallas, TX can be a great place to own investment real estate if you have the right financing plan in place and make aggressive moves to secure your piece of this growing market.

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Dallas Residential Hard Money Loans

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Dallas Commercial Hard Money Loans

What is a Dallas Hard Money Loan?

There are a lot of different programs available to Dallas real estate investors looking to finance new investment properties. Many real estate investors find Dallas hard money loans the best form of real estate financing because they are both fast and flexible.

Dallas hard money loans are short-term mortgage loans typically used to purchase investment properties, but don’t require the same rigorous underwriting criteria that traditional lenders require. This makes Dallas hard money lending extremely flexible in a lot of ways.

Traditional mortgage lenders focus their credit decisions based on a variety of risk factors including a borrower’s personal income and credit score. But qualifying criteria looks a little different to a hard money lender. Dallas, TX hard money lenders put more an emphasis on the underlying collateral being used to secure the hard money loan which means there is less emphasis on a borrower’s repayability or creditworthiness.

Dallas hard money lenders also don’t have to follow many of the same rules and regulations that govern conforming conventional mortgage loan programs. This translates to a more streamlined process and faster credit decisions. It also grants Dallas hard money lenders the ability to approve exceptions to unique credit requests.

Independent Lending has been working with Dallas real estate investors for over a decade, offering fast and efficient hard money loans to borrowers with all sorts of unique financing needs. Our client-centric approach to hard money lending has made Independent Lending Dallas’s preferred hard money provider.


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Dallas Hard Money Program Highlights

How Can Dallas Hard Money Lenders Help?

Using Dallas hard money lenders for your real estate financing needs is a smart decision. Dallas hard money lenders can be extremely impactful, especially for investors with a growth-oriented business strategy.

One of the ways Dallas hard money lenders can help is by reducing overhead through a quick approval and funding process. Most real estate investors understand that time is money, otherwise know in the industry as 
The Time Value of Money (TVM). When using a traditional lender to finance a new investment property, it can take between 45-60 days just to get your loan approved.

Bleeding that kind of time has a direct impact on your wallet, but it also has a negative impact on your ability to capitalize on other investment opportunities that may manifest throughout the purchase process. Dallas hard money lenders understand your need for a quick credit decision so that you can start to reap the benefits of your new Dallas rental while simultaneously researching for your next big deal.

Similarly, Dallas hard money lenders offer the key advantage of offering extremely flexible hard money loan programs that enable you to qualify for a mortgage using non-traditional underwriting criteria. This also makes it easy to integrate a hard money financing strategy into your well thought out investment plan.

Another way Dallas hard money lenders can help is by providing industry expertise and guidance. Having a working knowledge of the Dallas market means you can develop a deeper, streamlined real estate strategy.

For years, real estate investors have relied on Independent Lending’s industry 
experience and trust to fortify and execute a variety of real estate investing strategies. Independent Lending can work with you to create a hard money financing plan that works best to help you achieve your financial objective.

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Residential and Commercial Hard Money Dallas Purchase Loans

Dallas hard money purchase loans are the easiest way to finance the acquisition of a new residential or commercial investment property. Using Dallas hard money in this way offers a lot of strategic advantages.

For starters, sellers like to work with real estate investors who partner with Dallas hard money lenders because they know the sale will be less likely to fall through due to financing related complications.

Another reason why hard money purchase loans are advantages is because they provide fast credit decisions, allowing you to pursue purchases faster before competitors have a chance to make an offer. In short, Dallas hard money purchase loans make you a more competitive buyer.


Over the last decade Independent Lending has gained a reputation for being one of Dallas’s preferred hard money bridge loan lenders. Bridge loans are essentially short-term mortgages that allow real estate investors to leverage the equity in a property earmarked for sale and use the funds to purchase a new investment property.

The reason why a bridge loan is so popular is that it removes the burden of having to wait for your property to sell before you pursue a new investment. This allows investors to operate with greater flexibility and structure offers much more strategically.


dscr loans texas

Debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) hard money loans have become increasingly popular among real estate investors who cannot qualify for a traditional mortgage loan or who want to qualify for real estate financing based on alternative underwriting criteria.

Unlike other mainstream mortgage programs, DSCR loans are approved based on the underlying subject property’s potential to generate rental income. A borrower’s personal income is not considered for qualifying purposes.

Dallas DSCR hard money loans are the perfect real estate financing solution for self-employed borrowers, retirees, or investors who receive non-traditional forms of income.

bad credit loans dallas tx

Dallas hard money lenders like Independent Lending understand that a person’s credit score is only one small facet in their overall financial health. It would be unfair to disqualify a person for a new real estate loan solely because of a low credit score.

While traditional mortgage lenders have strict minimum credit score requirements in order to qualify for certain conforming programs, Dallas hard money can qualify you for bad credit mortgage loans without an issue.

Hard money loans for bad credit are the perfect solution for any Dallas borrower who has had issues with their credit. Independent Lending can get you access to the capital you need through a bad credit home equity loan, even if you have had past credit related issues including delinquencies, bankruptcies, or foreclosures.

Probate, Estate, and Trust Loans

Sometimes it can be hard navigating through the probate, estate, or trust process when a loved one has passed away. There are a lot of moving parts and sometimes situations require extra capital to cover outstanding obligations to creditors or to help divide up ownership of a decedent’s assets amongst beneficiaries.

If you are having trouble working through the complexities of a probate, estate, or trust situation, Independent Lending can help make things a little bit easier by providing a real estate secured probate, estate, or trust loan.

Managing a person’s affairs can be a lot to tackle, but borrowers often find the process a bit easier if they don’t have to worry about having the necessary funds to put these matters to rest. Probate, estate, and trust loans are the perfect resource to help provide closure and peace of mind.

cash out refinance texas

There’s more than one way to purchase a new Dallas investment property. Independent Lending often recommends that Dallas real estate investors utilize a hard money cash out refinance over a hard money purchase mortgage when borrowers have ample equity to leverage in existing real estate holdings.

Dallas hard money lenders offer cash out refinance solutions for both residential and commercial investment properties to help pay for the acquisition of a new property or assist in servicing and maintaining existing rentals in the Dallas market.


Independent Lending Recently Funded Loans

Using a Dallas Hard Money Loan from Independent Lending

Real estate investors cannot deny that the Dallas rental market is primed for outstanding growth for the foreseeable future. By utilizing hard money financing offered by Dallas hard money lenders, investors can take advantage of these amazing investment opportunities.

In order to be an effective investor in the Dallas market, it’s important to identify the right Dallas hard money lender that can offer you the right partnership and value that synergizes with your overarching investment plan.

While there are many Dallas hard money lenders to choose from, many aren’t a good fit due to a lack of experience or because they prioritize their interest over their clients.

Many successful real estate investors choose Independent Lending for our dedication to 
superior trust and service. With over 40 years of combined industry experience Independent Lending leverages a consultative, concierge-like approach to real estate lending that hones in on every client’s individualized financing needs, enabling us to provide more value than any other Dallas hard money lenders.

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