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Independent Lending is one of the premier San Diego hard money lenders. With over $500 Million in funding since 2013, leverage our experience for success and contact us today.

  • 40 Years Mortgage Lending Experience

  • Zillow 5-Star Approved Direct Lender

  • Poor - Excellent Credit

  • A+ Rating with BBB

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Independent Lending

Independent Lending is one of the top San Diego hard money lenders and has been in business since 2013. With an A+ BBB rating and hundreds of 5 star testimonials, Independent Lending is a trusted private money lender and partner for San Diego hard money lending.

Whether you’re buying an investment property or looking to refinance your residence, 
Independent lending has hard money loans in San Diego to help you reach your financial goals.

Contact us today to discuss and get your private money loan.


What Sets Us apart


130 Five Star
  • 130 Zillow 5 Star Reviews
  • 5 Star Google Reviews
  • A+ Rating with BBB​


Loans Funded
$ 500 Million
  • 40 Years Mortgage Lending
  • Poor - Excellent Credit
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Average Days to Fund
15 days
  • No Upfront Fees Ever!
  • Same Day Approval
  • Direct Lender

San Diego Hard Money Lenders

San Diego is revered for many things including its impeccable climate, beautiful beaches, and dazzling attractions, but it’s also a place that many people, including San Diego hard money lenders, are proud to call home.

Over the years San Diego’s real estate market has gained national attention, ranking in the top echelons for real estate appreciation and considered by some to be the hottest real estate market in the country.

Due to many favorable factors, homebuyers and real estate investors alike often choose San Diego for their real estate needs.

But despite its large urban footprint and rapidly growing economy, San Diego lacks one thing that can really fuel real estate growth, namely lending institutions. Borrowers often turn to San Diego hard money lenders for their strategic financing needs.

Independent Lending is San Diego’s premier California hard money lender with decades of experience working with property owners and investors.

Unlike other high-stress and high-cost San Diego hard money lenders, Independent Lending incorporates a common-sense approach to lending that includes tailoring customized mortgages to meet your core financial goals.

If you are looking to soak up the sun or ride the ocean waves in sunny San Diego, or simply fuel an ongoing real estate investing strategy or business model, San Diego hard money lenders can make financing California real estate much easier.

Recently Funded San Diego Hard Money Loans

Investment Property

$419,000– San Diego, CA

Primary Residence

$50,000– San Diego, CA

What is a San Diego Hard Money Loan

San Diego hard money loans have many of the same characteristics that you would expect from conventional mortgage loans. For example, San Diego hard money loans are usually secured by real estate. Similarly, hard money loans often have a similar payment structure compared to real estate loans.

One of the biggest differences is that hard money loans are financed by San Diego hard money lenders, who are either private investors, trusts, or limited liability companies rather than larger institutional investors such as banks and credit unions.

Borrowers like to work with San Diego hard money lenders because they are not subject to some of the same overarching rules and regulations that conventional lenders must follow.

This also allows San Diego hard money lenders to focus more on your individual financing needs and come up with creative solutions to facilitate new credit requests.

Unlike a bank or credit union, who focus their approval process mainly on borrower attributes by examining factors such as your credit score or income history, San Diego hard money lenders take a different approach by focusing on the value of the underlying real estate and your equity position for that property.

Since San Diego hard money lenders put more emphasis on the real estate over other compensating factors, most generally require down payments or equity between 25-30%. San Diego hard money loans are also designed for short-term use, meaning having an exit strategy is key, whether you choose to refinance or sell your property down the road.

How Can San Diego Hard Money Lenders Help

There are several ways San Diego hard money lenders can help you with your financing needs. For starters, most San Diego hard money lenders can offer faster approvals for credit requests.

Since San Diego hard money lenders are not bogged down by piles of paperwork or red tape, this allows them to approve loans in as little as a few days, allowing you to close your deals faster, often saving you both time and money.

Another way San Diego Hard Money Lenders like Independent Lending can help is by helping you structure a real estate financing strategy specific to your needs. Some San Diego hard money lenders may have decades of experience, but fail to provide borrowers the attention you deserve.

Nothing feels worse than being put in a loan program that’s simply not right for you. Independent Lending is different. Unlike other San Diego hard money lenders, our approach focuses on generating value for borrowers by creating the right mortgage strategies from the get go.

Nevertheless, working with San Diego hard money lenders is always a smart choice. Independent Lending works with real estate investors and property owners that require specialty financing, want to finance unique property types, need quick cash, or want to qualify for a loan based on alternative lending criteria.

Residential and Commercial Hard Money Purchase Loans

If you are looking to buy a new residential (single family and 2-4 unit) or commercial (multifamily, industrial, commercial, land) property, using San Diego hard money loans is a great way to finance your next purchase. San Diego hard money lenders can approve and fund loans quickly, making you a more competitive buyer and allowing you to take advantage of key investment opportunities before other prospective buyers.

Fix-and-Flip or Rehab Loans

If you’re a real estate investor employing a fix and flip business model, it’s always good to have access to a quick source of capital.

Independent Lending offers short-term fix and flip or hard money rehab loans that allow you to strategically acquire properties at lower price points, improve them, and sell them quickly for a profit.

Using San Diego hard money loans allows you to act as a cash buyer, helping keep your acquisition costs down, thereby increasing your bottom line.

Need a San Diego Hard Money Loan?

Dusk view of a modern home - Achieve your real estate dreams with our trusted Sacramento hard money lender services!

San Diego Hard Money Loans

Evening cityscape of modern homes - Symbolizing Sacramento commercial property success with hard money loans!

San Diego Commercial Hard Money Loans

Bridge Loans

Independent Lending is one of California’s premier hard money bridge loan providers. Bridge loans are short-term loans designed to allow you to access the equity in an existing property you intend to sell, to be used toward the purchase of a new property.

San Diego homeowners and real estate investors can strategically leverage a bridge loan so you don’t have to wait around for your property to sell. This means you don’t have to miss out on any opportunities of finding your next property.

DSCR Loans

San Diego hard money lenders are a preferred choice for those looking to qualify for a new mortgage loan strictly off the rental income a property has the potential to generate.

Independent Lending can qualify borrowers without income, but rather the debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) of a property.

These mortgages are often ideal for self-employed borrowers, applicants who work in the gig economy, retirees, or those that have other non-traditional sources of income.

Probate, Estate, and Trust Loans

Sometimes beneficiaries and heirs to assets that are held in a trust or estate need a loan to settle debt obligations or divide up ownership of a deceased person’s assets. San Diego hard money lenders like Independent Lending can offer loans for buy out situations or to help provide closure to a complicated probate scenario.

Cash Out Refinance Loans

Like some borrowers, you might be looking to take advantage of the available equity in the California real estate that you own. Property owners can tactfully structure a San Diego hard money loan as a cash out refinance, using the proceeds towards other investment opportunities.

San Diego Hard Money Loan Highlights

Using a San Diego Hard Money Loan from Independent Lending

There are many San Diego hard money loan programs to choose from, it’s important to find the program that will best suit your needs. What sets Independent Lending apart from other private money lenders is our outstanding service and credibility.

As a Zillow 5-star approved direct lender with an A+ rating from the BBB, we have helped empower hundreds of borrowers by navigating them through different hard money mortgage programs.

While some San Diego hard money lenders may offer similar financing solutions, many don’t take the time to understand your unique financial objectives. Independent Lending has over 40 years of experience and will work to understand all your credit needs to develop a mortgage strategy specifically tailored to you.

How We Can Help

Real World Scenario

Independent Lending funded a $65,000 Owner Occupied 2nd trust deed for business purpose in San Diego, California. The loan was secured by a single family residence with an appraised value of $950,000. The homeowner was self-employed and requested the funds to expand her existing business. We were able to complete the new business purpose loan within 14 days. Due to equity position, credit and income were not a determining factor with the loan process.

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