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Independent Lending is one of the leading hard money lenders - Fort Lauderdale. With over $500 Million in funding since 2013, leverage our experience for success and contact us today.

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Independent Lending

Independent Lending is one of the top trusted Fort Lauderdale hard money lenders since 2013 utilizing a range of hard money, private money and including specialized financing programs. Situated in beautiful Aliso Viejo, CA Independent Lending has in funded over $500 million in real estate based mortgage funding along with an exceptional degree of Customer Service and also fast funding for quick money. Independent Lending’s Fort Lauderdale home mortgage rates are competitive and we have no junk charges. Contact Us to get going on your hard money Fort Lauderdale loan!


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  • A+ Rating with BBB​


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$ 500 Million
  • 40 Years Mortgage Lending
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Hard Money Lenders Fort Lauderdale

Florida real estate continues to be a profitable way for investors to maximize their return on investment. Fort Lauderdale continues to shine as one of the most sought-after areas for investment, requiring investors to obtain any competitive edge they can, including the implementation of fast and flexible financing from Florida hard money lenders.

Recent real estate data cites Fort Lauderdale as one of the best areas in the state for real estate investing. Using a home equity loan private lender, Fort Lauderdale investors can capitalize on the city’s southern charm and local attractions drawing in younger buyers and renters to the area.

According to a new study, the number of people under 35 years of age that expect to 
always rent is now nearly 1 in 4. Similarly, over the last decade Fort Lauderdale has seen an increase of its younger population by roughly 43%.

With a large influx of new prospective tenants and a promising rental outlook over the long term, strategically using 
hard money purchase loans to buy rental properties in the Fort Lauderdale area can result in massive long-term gains.

To be able to take advantage of these underlying Fort Lauderdale real estate trends, investors will need access to a well of capital to help fuel their acquisitions. Using 
private home equity lenders, Fort Lauderdale investors can aggressively expand their footprint throughout this lucrative real estate market.

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Fort Lauderdale Residential Hard Money Loans

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Fort Lauderdale Commercial Hard Money Loans

What is a Fort Lauderdale Hard Money Loan?

There are a lot of ways to finance the purchase of Florida real estate. Fort Lauderdale hard money loans are one option that have several advantages over conforming conventional loan programs.

Fort Lauderdale hard money loans are short-term mortgage loans used to purchase or cash out refinance of new Fort Lauderdale investment properties. One of the key differences between a Fort Lauderdale 
hard money home equity loan and a traditional mortgage loan is that your lender is a private individual, company, or trust rather than an institutional bank or credit union.

Since hard money equity loans are not provided by formal lending institutions, Fort Lauderdale hard money lenders are not bound by the same regulations and restrictions that govern conforming conventional programs.

This allows hard money lenders to underwrite and approve Fort Lauderdale hard money loan requests much more easily. Not only do Fort Lauderdale hard money lenders have the power to create their own loan programs, but they also have the flexibility to make exceptions for certain unique requests.

Independent Lending is Fort Lauderdale’s preferred hard money lender; able to qualify borrowers for hard money 
bad credit mortgage loans quickly, without the need to analyze stacks of financial documents or pick apart your credit report. Instead, Independent Lending will consider other key aspects of your real estate transaction for qualification, such as the property’s condition and fair market value.

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Fort LauderdalE Hard Money Program Highlights

How Can Fort Lauderdale Hard Money Lenders Help?

When you are exploring your loan options and are considering hard money equity lenders, Fort Lauderdale borrowers may be wondering how private home equity lenders like Independent Lending can make an impact. Candidly, the list of advantages of working with hard money lenders in Florida is quite extensive.

To begin with, Fort Lauderdale hard money lenders provide the extra flexibility needed when the purchase process becomes explicitly strict and difficult. When you are buying a new investment property, it’s common for transactions to stall because parties are waiting for the buyer’s lender to get the financing wrapped up.

Traditional lenders typically take 45-60 days to get borrowers through the entire mortgage approval process. That’s because banks and credit unions want to analyze your bank statements, tax returns, credit reports, and list of other documents before being comfortable making a credit decision. Ultimately, these costs both you and the seller a lot of time and money.

Using Fort Lauderdale hard money heloc loans, you can reduce costs and save time with faster approvals for even the most complex scenarios. Independent Lending can have your loan approved and funded in days, not weeks.

Another way Fort Lauderdale hard money lenders can help is by providing expert-level service, the working knowledge and expertise that can help you develop a more streamlined real estate financing strategy that fits within your individualized investment plan.

The problem that many Fort Lauderdale borrowers often face is that they decide to partner with the wrong 
home equity loan private lender right out of the gate, being forced into loan programs they aren’t really suited for. Independent Lending’s approach to hard money lending should never leave you with a sense of remorse.

Independent Lending has been working with Fort Lauderdale hard money clients for over a decade to plan and develop mortgage strategies that work best to achieve your financial objective. By taking a proactive approach to understanding your unique needs, Independent Lending’s hard money loan programs can help, whether you need a quick cash infusion or have a specialty financing scenario.

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Residential and Commercial Hard Money Purchase Loans

The primary reason real estate investors choose Fort Lauderdale hard money loans is to purchase new residential or commercial properties. There are many advantages to getting a purchase mortgage through hard money lenders.

For starters, Fort Lauderdale can be quite a competitive market. Hard money financing can help your offer win over sellers because it tells property owners the deal has a lower likelihood of falling through due to unforeseen underwriting issues or credit complications.

Also, hard money loans require less time to process and fund meaning sellers can get their money in as little as a few days, not weeks.


Independent Lending continues to thrive as one of Florida’s preferred hard money bridge loan providers. Many borrowers like to utilize hard money bridge loans when they find a deal but they don’t have the time to wait around for an existing Fort Lauderdale property to sell.

Hard money bridge loans allow you to leverage the available equity in a Fort Lauderdale property you intend to sell in order to help fund the down payment or fully cover the costs to acquire a new investment property.


An increasing number of borrowers over the last few years have started to lean on Fort Lauderdale hard money equity lenders for their flexible loan programs. Hard money DSCR loans have become a fan favorite for their flexibility and truncated approval requirements.

Debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) hard money loans enable Fort Lauderdale borrowers to qualify for a new investment real estate loan without having to demonstrate any personal income. Alternatively, Independent Lending makes an approval decision based on the potential rental income the subject property could generate, among other factors.

Bad Credit Mortgage Loans

Fort Lauderdale hard money lenders like Independent Lending understand that a person’s credit score shouldn’t fully define their capacity to obtain a new real estate loan.

Bad credit mortgage loans are the perfect solution for Fort Lauderdale borrowers who have had issues managing their credit or that cannot qualify for traditional mortgage loan programs.

Independent Lending can qualify borrowers for a new
home equity loan for bad credit even if they have reported collections, delinquencies, or derogatory credit events such as a bankruptcy or foreclosure. Visit our home equity loan bad credit page for more information on our guaranteed home equity loan with bad credit.


Probate, estate, and trust situations can be stressful and complex. In certain circumstances, beneficiaries are left to satisfy outstanding credit obligations or figure out how to divide up the ownership of a decedent’s assets.

Independent Lending can offer specialty financing in the form of 
probate, estate, and trust loans when these situations require additional capital. If you find yourself in a buyout situation or need additional funds to put a probate, estate, or trust situation to rest, Independent Lending can offer you crucial tools and resources to get the matter finalized.

Cash Out Refinance

Savvy real estate investors and property owners understand that real estate is an asset. Leveraging existing Fort Lauderdale real estate holdings through a hard money cash out refinance is the perfect way to accelerate your real estate investing strategy or help maintain an existing real estate portfolio. Flexible underwriting criteria will allow you to get the cash you need to grow or maintain your real estate investment business.

Independent Lending Recently Funded Loans

Using a Fort Lauderdale Hard Money Loan from Independent Lending

Fort Lauderdale is a primed market for real estate investing and hard money lenders can offer some amazing advantages to help you grow your profits exponentially.

However, for a hard money financing strategy to be successful, you must make sure you partner with the right private lender that synergizes with your unique investment strategy. While many Fort Lauderdale hard money lenders may offer similar loan programs, not all offer the same level of service or expertise.

Independent Lending has over 40 years of combined industry experience built upon generating value through deeper trust, understanding, and service. We have an
A+ rating with the BBB and our enhanced credibility and knowledge of the Fort Lauderdale market enables us to recommend financing options that synergize best with your overarching investment plan.

While some hard money lenders might only be in it for the short term profit, we are in it to partner with and help our borrowers reach their financial objectives.

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