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Hard Money Lenders Jacksonville FL



Independent Lending one of the leading Jacksonville FL hard money lenders. With over $500 Million in funding since 2013, leverage our experience for success and contact us today.

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Independent Lending

Independent Lending provides hard money real estate loans for Jacksonville investors, first-time buyers and current property owners. Our streamlined loan process and minimal paperwork equals quick funding and fast cash. We are a Zillow 5-Star approved direct lender and have been assisting our clients since 2013.

Our underwriting is focused on property equity, condition and location instead of proof of income and credit scores for our hard money and private money loan programs.


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  • A+ Rating with BBB​


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Hard Money Lenders Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville has slowly been forming into one of the country’s premier destinations to live in for several years. Now holding the accolade for being Florida’s most populated city, real estate investors have found tremendous value branching out into this key market with the help of Jacksonville hard money lenders.

Jacksonville hard money lenders have been helping fuel real estate investments in this market that is drawing a new influx of renters 
due to its strong economy, top-rated school systems, and immaculate coastal weather.

Real estate investors focusing on turnkey real estate could see their rentals appreciate faster than other areas of the country. That’s because
Jacksonville has a higher property appreciation rate compared to its peers.

Short-term rental models are also becoming widely popular, as a result of their profitability. Capitalizing on higher tourism that’s picked up post-pandemic has allowed investors to increase their return on investment (ROI).

Additionally, Jacksonville has many major capital projects in the pipeline that translates to several billion dollars to help improve and invest in Jacksonville’s urban core. This should notably improve quality of life and draw in even more renters to the area.

Through the utilization of hard money lenders, Jacksonville, FL real estate investors will be able to proactively pursue core single, multifamily, and commercial investments throughout this market before competitors have a chance to react.

Independent Lending continues to be the preferred choice among Jacksonville hard money lenders, for borrowers looking for fast funding and flexible loan programs. Start enjoying the sunshine and higher profits by leveraging hard money loans in Jacksonville, FL.

Dusk view of a modern home - Achieve your real estate dreams with our trusted Sacramento hard money lender services!

Jacksonville Residential Hard Money Loans

Evening cityscape of modern homes - Symbolizing Sacramento commercial property success with hard money loans!

Jacksonville Commercial Hard Money Loans

What is a Jacksonville Hard Money Loan?

There are a variety of hard money loans offered by Jacksonville hard money lenders. Hard money loans are short-term secured loans that are typically utilized to purchase investment real estate.

Like any mainstream mortgage you might obtain from a bank or 
credit union, hard money loans use real estate as collateral to secure the debt.

However, while there are a few similarities hard money loans Jacksonville, FL have to traditional mortgage programs, there are also several key differences. The biggest difference is how Jacksonville hard money lenders underwrite and approve new credit requests.

Jacksonville hard money lenders do not have to follow the same rules and regulations that most institutional banks and credit unions must follow when originating a conforming conventional mortgage loan. This unshackles Jacksonville hard money lenders, allowing for more streamlined processes and quicker approval decisions.

Independent Lending can qualify borrowers for hard money loans in Jacksonville, FL without the need to analyze your personal income or take a deep dive into your credit history. Instead, Independent Lending will put more emphasis on the value of the underlying subject real estate involved in your specific transaction.

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Jacksonville Hard Money Program Highlights

How Can Jacksonville Hard Money Lenders Help?

Jacksonville hard money lenders can help real estate investors and property owners alike in a variety of ways. For starters, most Jacksonville hard money lenders can approve loan requests much faster than traditional and online lenders.

One of the reasons why Jacksonville hard money lenders are so impactful is because they are not burdened by reviewing piles of paperwork or having to adhere to restrictive regulations. Jacksonville hard money lenders set their own lending parameters granting them more power to approve unique loan scenarios.

Most hard money loans in
Jacksonville, FL can be approved and closed in as little as a few days. That’s much faster than the typical 45-60 day turnaround time that traditional lenders require, allowing you to save both time and money.

Another way Jacksonville hard money lenders like Independent Lending can help is by working with you to help develop and streamline the right real estate financing strategy that fits your investment plan.

Some Jacksonville hard money lenders don’t take the time to know your unique financing needs. While some may have years of experience, they continuously fail to put borrowers into the hard money mortgage programs most suitable to you.

Independent Lending’s concierge-like approach to understanding our client’s needs enables us to strategically plan mortgage financing strategies most effective at helping you achieve your financial objectives. Whether you need quick cash, need to finance a unique property type, or simply want to leverage alternative underwriting criteria, Independent Lending can help.

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Residential and Commercial Hard Money Purchase Loans

Most real estate investors and property owners utilize hard money purchase loans in Jacksonville, FL to acquire new residential or commercial properties. Jacksonville hard money lenders can help finance everything from single family rentals to multifamily and commercial properties.

When using a Jacksonville hard money lender like Independent Lending, you can get approved for financing fast, empowering you as a more competitive buyer that can structure deals commensurate to your value. Sellers like working with investors who use hard money loans because they have a lower likelihood of falling through due to financing related issues.


Independent Lending continues to be one of Florida’s premier hard money bridge loan providers. Bridge loans are short-term loans that allow property owners that are looking to sell existing real estate access to equity for the purposes of purchasing a new property.

Hard money bridge loans are a great way to strategically leverage your existing real estate holdings so that you don’t have to wait around waiting for the net proceeds from your sale and potentially missing out on lucrative real estate investment opportunities.

Bad Credit Loans

Let’s face it, nothing feels worse than being denied for a new mortgage because your credit score is not up to snuff. But with Jacksonville hard money lenders, your credit history won’t be an issue for qualification.

Independent Lending is notorious for providing flexible mortgage solutions to those borrowers who have had past credit issues or prior derogatory credit events, such as a bankruptcy or foreclosure, that would normally prevent you from obtaining a traditional mortgage loan.

Bad credit loans are also ideal if you have had past collections or delinquencies and are in the process of trying to repair your credit.

When it comes to bad credit loans, Independent Lending will qualify you for a new mortgage using alternative underwriting criteria, with an emphasis on the subject real estate’s value. With less emphasis on your credit history, bad credit loans are a simple way for anyone to purchase real estate.


Probate, estate, and trust situations can be complex and difficult to navigate. In some cases, beneficiaries and heirs need additional funds to settle debt obligations or divide up ownership of a decedent’s assets.

Independent Lending has specialty financing for unique probate, estate, and trust scenarios that leverage real estate to help make these unique situations easier to manage. Independent Lending can also help outline your options and make recommendations about whether a probate, estate, or trust loan is best for your situation.


There are many ways to purchase new investment properties. While lots of Jacksonville real estate investors opt to obtain a new hard money purchase mortgage, others strategically choose to leverage existing real estate holdings through a hard money cash out refinance.

Taking advantage of the available equity in the Jacksonville real estate you already own can be a smart decision. Independent Lending can help you identify the benefits of adding a cash out refinance strategy to your overarching real estate investment plan.

Independent Lending Recently Funded Loans

Using a Jacksonville Hard Money Loan from Independent Lending

It’s clear that Jacksonville hard money lenders can offer tremendous advantages to help grow and expand your real estate portfolio. Whether you are buying your first or fourth investment property, Jacksonville hard money lenders can help.

But what sets Independent Lending apart from other private money lenders is our dedication to exceptional service and a sophisticated user experience unmatched by other Jacksonville hard money lenders.

Our proprietary approach to hard money lending enables us to truly understand your financial objects so that we can help make your investment plan successful.

As a Zillow 5-star approved direct lender with an
A+ rating from the BBB, we pride ourselves on having a track record of success centered around helping navigate hundreds of borrowers through various beneficial hard money mortgage programs.

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