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Independent Lending is one of the top San Francisco hard money lenders. With over $500 Million in funding since 2013, leverage our experience for success and contact us today.

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Independent Lending

Independent Lending specializes in difficult and unique lending scenarios. We are a Five-Star hard money lender in business since 2013, helping San Francisco borrowers get the financing they deserve. We work with investors, current homeowners and first-time buyers offering fast and flexible mortgage lending programs. With millions in funding each year, Our A+ BBB rating speaks for itself when it comes to service and integrity.

Contact us today to discuss your scenario and how we can assist with your mortgage lending goals.


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Hard Money Lenders San Francisco

When it comes to hard money lenders, San Francisco borrowers have found working with a reputable hard money provider like Independent Lending is worth its weight in gold.

Hard money lenders, also known as private money or direct lenders, serve as the linchpin for many top producing, growth oriented real estate investors whose investing strategy involves tirelessly adding new
San Francisco properties to their real estate portfolio.

While San Francisco real estate prices have been comparably higher compared to most other metro areas across the nation, economic conditions and market pressures have helped taper real estate prices in the local Bay area.

The current price environment has boosted competition, leaving real estate investors chomping at the bit to acquire San Francisco real estate at discount before prices normalize. Borrowers that utilize hard money lenders will be able to outpace the competition, having quicker access to capital that requires fewer contingencies than traditional loans.

If you’re still sitting around waiting for your local bank or and credit union to approve you for a mortgage for a new investment property, you could be missing out on valuable investment opportunities.

Instead, consider Independent Lending for your mortgage financing needs. With fast funding and a simple application process, there are multiple advantages to working with San Francisco’s preferred hard money lender.

Why Use a Hard Money Lender for San Francisco Real Estate

San Francisco is home to a lot of different real estate lenders. But that doesn’t mean all real estate lenders should be treated equally. While institutional lenders, such as banks and credit unions, have strict lending requirements, other nonbank mortgage lenders have limits to the programs they offer.

Smart real estate investors and property owners alike, understand the value San Francisco hard money lenders provide, making San Francisco hard money lenders the preferred choice for financing San Francisco real estate.

There are many reasons to use a hard money lender to finance San Francisco real estate. The first reason to use a San Francisco hard money lender is that it can help fortify your financial position and make you a more competitive buyer.

Buying San Francisco real estate can be both competitive and capital intense. It’s important to demonstrate your financial footing and stay ahead of other prospective buyers by providing a pre-approval letter from your San Francisco hard money lender.

Independent Lending understands how strategic a pre-approval letter can be. Having one in hand will strengthen your offer and help you aggressively pursue new real estate investment opportunities.

Similarly, seller’s like to work with San Francisco real estate buyers who utilize financing from a hard money lender. San Francisco property owners know that when a buyer uses a hard money lender, there is a low chance a deal will fall through due to financing related 

On the contrary, using a hard money lender usually means your purchase can close much faster, since there’s minimal criteria needed to qualify you for a new mortgage loan.

Additionally, San Francisco hard money lenders are unrestricted by the conforming loan limits outlined by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). This is important considering the median sales price for a San Francisco single-family property hovers around $1.3 million.

Ways to Use a Hard Money Loan in San Francisco

There are many ways to take advantage of hard money or private money lenders. San Francisco borrowers have found mortgage programs offered by hard money lenders beneficial for a variety of reasons.

Due to their extreme flexibility, San Francisco hard money loans tend to be ideal for borrowers seeking to close expeditiously. Similarly, hard money loan programs are powerful because they work with pretty much any individual or commercial business model.

Since hard money loans synergize so well with a variety of 
real estate investing strategies, having the right San Francisco hard money lender in your back pocket is crucial to securing real estate financing in a pinch.

Independent Lending makes it easy to integrate San Francisco hard money loan programs into your real estate investing strategy, by offering customizable mortgage solutions tailored to your specific financial objectives.


Residential and Commercial Hard Money Purchase Loans

Buying San Francisco real estate is extremely competitive. In order to be a successful real estate investor, you will probably need to fuel new acquisitions with a steady stream of financing.

Data indicates that 
less than 50% of financed homes in San Francisco use conforming conventional programs. Using a non-conforming hard money loan programs is essential to help keep your foot on the gas when looking for new real estate investment opportunities.

Independent Lending offers unique San Francisco hard money purchase loans that can be used to buy both residential and commercial property types.

Second Hard Money Mortgage Loans

Thinking about financing the down payment for your next real estate investment? Consider tapping into the equity you have accrued in your existing property by using a second hard money mortgage.

Other expensive consumer loan solutions, like 
home equity lines of credit (HELOC), often come with higher, adjustable rates. Similarly, these types of loans are usually available through institutional lenders if you want to leverage an existing investment property.

Independent Lending has a proprietary suite of second hard money loan options that can help you strategically break through obstacles standing in your way of acquiring your new San Francisco investment property.


Need a San Francisco Hard Money Loan?

Dusk view of a modern home - Achieve your real estate dreams with our trusted Sacramento hard money lender services!

Residential San Francisco Hard Money Loans

Evening cityscape of modern homes - Symbolizing Sacramento commercial property success with hard money loans!

Commercial San Francisco Hard Money Loans

Bridge Loans

San Francisco hard money lenders often specialize in hard money bridge loan programs. Bridge loans can be used to access the available equity in an existing property you are selling in order to buy another new property.

Independent Lending understands that sellers won’t always wait around for you to sell your home. Rather than weaken your position by adding a sales contingency to your offer, using a bridge loan will allow you to buy your next property now before your existing property sells.

DSCR Loans

Whether you are in the real estate investing game or eager to get started, you will quickly find that there are several limitations using conforming conventional forms of financing. One of the biggest hurdles is the debt-to-income (DTI) requirements.

Independent Lending can help you buy your next San Francisco property without needing to verify your personal income. As one of San Francisco’s premier 
DSCR hard money lenders, San Francisco borrowers can now qualify for financing based on the income producing potential of the subject property.

Probate, Estate and Trust Loans

San Francisco hard money loans can be extremely useful in situations that require financing but where conforming loan programs are not permitted. Loan scenarios involving probate, estate or trusts are complex and often require a bit of finesse to which San Francisco hard money lenders can accommodate.

Independent Lending recommends using hard money loans in situations where you need financing to help settle the outstanding obligations or are looking to divide up assets within an estate.

Cash Out Refinance Loans

San Francisco hard money lenders can offer all the same loan programs you might come to expect from a traditional mortgage lender and more, but without all the red tape.

While many lenders offer cash out refinance loans, if you have had issues managing credit or have unconventional sources of income, you may not qualify for a traditional mortgage.

Independent Lending can help you tap into your available equity through a 
hard money cash out refinance loan even if you have blemishes on your credit report. You can still qualify for financing if you have had lates, past collections, or even bankruptcies.


San Francisco Hard Money Loan Highlights

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Using a San Francisco Hard Money Loan from Independent Lending

As the San Francisco real estate market continues to grow, borrowers will need affordable loan options from hard money lenders. San Francisco borrowers understand the value hard money loan programs offer, but it’s equally important to find the right hard money lender to get in bed with.

Independent Lending has built a spotless reputation amongst the San Francisco community, leveraging 40 years of combined experience to help serve local entrepreneurs and real estate investors obtain their financial goals.

While many San Francisco hard money lenders have both 
purchase and refinance options, they may not take the time to understand your overarching financing needs. What sets Independent Lending apart from other lenders is our ability to listen.

Our concierge approach to mortgage financing will ensure that any loan offering you receive is tailored specifically to your real estate financing needs.


How We Can Help

Real World Scenario

Independent Lending provided a $845,000 hard money 1st mortgage loan in Foster City, CA. The loan was secured by a non-owner occupied single family residence with an appraised value of $1,400,000. The homeowners requested the funds for business reinvestment and to upgrade subject property. We were able to complete the new loan within 2.5 weeks. Income and credit disregarded in the approval process.

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