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Independent Lending is a top lender for hard money lenders Austin. With over $500 Million in funding since 2013, leverage our experience for success and contact us today.

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Independent Lending

Independent Lending is among the top Austin hard money lenders for hard money, private money, and custom mortgage loans. Since 2013, our services have been tailored to meet your individual financing needs with no extra fees or charges. We understand that in some scenarios, borrowers need immediate cash or flexible financing solutions, and our team of highly trained customer service representatives is always here to help you out.

As one of the leading
hard money lenders in Austin, we have helped finance over $500 million in mortgage loans and are confident we can provide you with an ideal solution for your mortgage needs. Contact us today to learn more about one of our amazing programs that we offer for Austin hard money loans.


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Hard Money Lenders Austin

Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio are a few of the many ever-growing urban centers throughout Texas. But the real crown jewel is the infamous state capital: Austin.

Over the last decade, this southwestern metropolis has become a popular tech and financial incubator. It has also captured the attention of real estate investors looking to capitalize on the influx of younger demographics.

The City of Austin has hit the sweet spot in the market, with improving inventory, but with local and national trends are making it hard for younger generations to transition to homeownership. The result is a robust population of renters in need of housing.

As the city continues to expand, competition for low-cost investment properties has ramped up, leaving Austin real estate investors in search of anything that can give them a competitive advantage. Strategically, many are partnering with Austin hard money lenders to secure more flexibility and move throughout the market in search of profitable ventures.

There are many advantages that Austin hard money lenders can provide to real estate investors who are looking to increase the number of held properties, improve liquidity, or even increase cash flow. Using hard money lenders, Austin investors should see impactful results in terms of flexibility, cost savings, and long-term gains.

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Austin Residential Hard Money Loans

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Austin Commercial Hard Money Loans

What is a Austin Hard Money Loan?

There are a lot of great real estate financing solutions available to Austin real estate investors. However, many investors prefer Austin hard money loans over conventional loan programs because of the unique advantages they offer.

Austin hard money loans are short-term real estate loans that are typically used to purchase residential or commercial investment properties in the Austin area. These loans are like traditional mortgage loans in that they are secured by underlying real estate. Nevertheless, there are a lot of ways in which Austin hard money loans differ from other mortgage solutions.

For starters, hard money loan programs are offered by a select few Austin hard money lenders. When you get a hard money loan in Austin, TX, your lender is usually either a private individual, company, or trust, compared to a bank or credit union.

When choosing to utilize hard money lending, Austin real estate investors benefit from the added flexibility that comes with a private money lender. This is because hard money lending is not subject to the same regulatory requirements as traditional lenders.

Independent Lending is a preferred Austin hard money lender and has helped thousands of real estate investors by providing specialized hard money financing, consultative services, and industry expertise that translates to real cost savings and a streamlined client experience.

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Austin Hard Money Program Highlights

How Can Austin Hard Money Lenders Help?

Similar to how stock and bond prices can go up and down based on a mix of both micro and macroeconomic trends, the Austin real estate market has its own ebb and flow.

As an investor, it can be a challenge to create a real estate investment plan that capitalizes on market factors that are constantly changing at the drop of a hat. Hard money mortgage lenders can help make navigating the dynamics of the Austin market much easier, keeping you on course to grow your business, expand your cash flow, and increase profitability.

A few of the many ways private money loan providers can help are by providing extra flexibility when it comes to credit decisions and regulatory compliance. Private home equity lenders like Independent Lending can also tackle a lot of funding issues that are common in today’s market.

One of the best benefits of having a hard money lender in your corner is being able to tap into a well of capital when you need it, with the capacity to provide expedient funding within narrow time constraints.

Another reason Austin hard money has grown in popularity, is because certain investment scenarios are inherently complex, which can require less rigidity. In fact, there are many times when certain purchase or refinance transactions don’t fit the “proper” mold and require a unique approach to the financing.

Top hard money lenders lenders like Independent Lending, can offer exceptional guidance and expertise to situations requiring strategic solutions. Not only is it beneficial to have an advocate in your corner, but you also get deeper insights into how to best optimize your investment plan.

With more than forty years of combined experience, Independent Lending offers Austin real estate investors the best hard money equity loans and services. Independent Lending has the mortgage solution to help you achieve your financial goals, whether you have a special property type, require an immediate infusion of cash, or are in need of specialized financing.

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Residential and Commercial Hard Money Austin Purchase Loans

Independent Lending’s hard money purchase loan programs are popular financing solutions among real estate investors. The nice thing about purchasing Austin real estate using hard money is that you don’t have to worry about restrictive property types. Almost all residential and commercial properties qualify under our program.

Austin hard money purchase loans offer a lot of key advantages that can elevate any offer to purchase. For example, sellers prefer to work with buyers who use Austin hard money lenders since they are aware the likelihood of the transaction failing due to unforeseen credit issues is quite low.

Another advantage to using an Austin hard money purchase loan is that there is less paperwork and processing time. This allows Independent Lending to fund your loan faster, which saves you money and keeps your seller happy since they don’t have to wait weeks for their net proceeds.


Bridge Loan Texas

Short-term hard money bridge loans are becoming increasingly popular in the Austin market due to their enhanced flexibility in structuring their offers more strategically over other mortgage solutions. Hard money bridge loans help cover the gap between the sale of an existing investment property and the purchase of a new one.

Independent Lending allows Austin real estate investors to leverage an investment property earmarked for sale but has yet to close, pull out equity, and use the funds to finance the down payment or full cost of purchasing a new investment property.


dscr loans texas

Debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) hard money loans are another unique mortgage program Independent Lending offers that can help Austin real estate investors purchase investment properties without the need to demonstrate any personal income.

Income can sometimes be an obstacle for some investors trying to qualify for a new mortgage to finance Austin rental properties. DSCR hard money loans allow borrowers to qualify for a new mortgage based on the underlying real estate’s potential to generate rental income.

Real estate investors who are self-employed, retired, participate in the gig-economy, or receive other non-traditional forms of income can benefit from a hard money DSCR loan.


bad credit loans austin tx

Minimum credit score requirements have long been a staple among institutional lenders that dictate whether they will approve or deny a new loan request. But in a vacuum, a borrower’s credit score is only one piece of the puzzle that shouldn’t solely dictate whether someone can qualify for a new mortgage.

Independent Lending understands that life is sometimes messy and complicated. Credit related issues shouldn’t stop you from being able to purchase a new investment property. That’s why Independent Lending offers Austin investors bad credit mortgage loans.

Hard money loans for bad credit
allow select borrowers to qualify for a new Austin real estate loan regardless of whether they have blemishes on their credit report. Even if you have a history of collections, delinquency, past bankruptcies, or foreclosures, you could still qualify for a bad credit home equity loan.


Probate, Estate, and Trust Loans

If you have ever had to deal with a probate, estate, or trust situation, you know that it can be extremely complicated. Certain circumstances may even require additional capital to settle a decedent’s outstanding credit obligations or divide up assets among beneficiaries.

Independent Lending helps Austin borrowers obtain funds needed to navigate tough probate, estate, and trust scenarios. These funds can be used in a variety of ways, whether it’s to help wrap up buyout situations or finalize probate proceedings.


cash out refinance texas

Austin hard money lenders like Independent Lending make it easy to access the existing equity in your current investment portfolio through cash out refinance hard money loan programs.

Sometimes a hard money cash out refinance loan can be even more advantageous than a purchase mortgage, depending on your unique investment strategy.

The funds from a hard money cash out refinance can be used to help maintain existing properties or even finance the down payment or acquisition of a new rental property.


Independent Lending Recently Funded Loans

Using a Austin Hard Money Loan from Independent Lending

As the state capital of Texas, Austin certainly lives up to the hype as being the flagship city of Lone Star state. Experts have already noticed an extreme uptick in interest from real estate investors looking to cash in on this growing market.

While the Austin market attracts more investors, competition becomes much more relevant. Partnering with the right Austin hard money lender will be even more crucial to ensuring efficiency and flexibility are baked into your investment strategy.

There are numerous hard money lenders in the Austin market, however, it’s important to find the right provider that both synergizes with your overarching strategy and has your interests at heart.

Many Austin hard money lenders offer unique mortgage programs but fail to understand the intricacies of where the market is headed. Rather than partnering with a lender only set on making a quick buck, it’s more beneficial to find a partner who can truly support your enterprise.

Independent Lending is not like most Austin hard money lenders. With over 40 years of combined industry experience, our concierge-like approach to hard money lending generates value by putting an emphasis on building trust and making tactful recommendations that can easily be incorporated into your primary investment plan.

One of the most well-known private money lenders in the region, Independent Lending, always puts your financial objectives first when preparing your tailored mortgage solution.

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