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Independent Lending one of the leading hard money lenders - Orlando. With over $500 Million in funding since 2013, leverage our experience for success and contact us today.

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Independent Lending

Independent Lending has actually been a reputable Orlando hard money lender since 2013 utilizing a range of private money, hard money in addition to specialized financing programs. Situated in beautiful Aliso Viejo, CA Independent Lending has funded over $500 million in home mortgage lending as well as offers an exceptional degree of Customer Services and also fast funding for quick money. Independent Lending’s Orlando home mortgage rates are affordable and also we have no junk costs. Contact Us to get started on your Orlando mortgage loaning objectives!


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$ 500 Million
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Hard Money Lenders Orlando

Orlando is probably best known in many circles across the country as the home to Disney World and Universal theme parks, but to real estate investors it’s becoming increasingly known as having an amazing real estate investing market.

Real estate investors and property owners alike are flocking to Orlando after having noticed many positive market factors and Orlando hard money lenders are helping fuel this new influx of interest.

More people are moving to Florida for the sunshine, employment opportunities, and no state income tax. As a result, Orlando has become one of the more active real estate markets in the country among real estate investors.

Real estate prices and mortgage interest rate trends have pigeon-holed households to rent longer. In fact, 
63% of all Orlando households are already renter-occupied. Similarly, data indicates that Orlando will transform drastically over the next decade. By 2030, Orlando is forecasted to reach 5.2 million people.

Real estate investors that can capitalize on these pivotal market trends will be well established for long-term gains. Private money lenders in Orlando, Florida can help accelerate the acquisition of both residential and commercial rental properties by offering fast and flexible funding.

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Orlando Residential Hard Money Loans

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Orlando Commercial Hard Money Loans

What is a Orlando Hard Money Loan?

While there are several different ways to finance rental properties in Orlando, Florida, people prefer to work with hard money lenders. Orlando borrowers have found that hard money lenders offer a range of unique programs that make investing in real estate simple and streamlined.

Florida hard money lenders
 offer very similar to traditional mortgage programs, but with a few key differences. One difference is that hard money loans are short-term financing solutions, with loan terms ranging between 6-60 months.

Another major differentiating factor is that private money lenders in Orlando, Florida have a lot more flexibility when approving new hard money loan requests.

Unlike institutional lenders, such as 
banks and credit unions, who must adhere to strict lending requirements, Orlando hard money lenders can create their own hard money lending programs and qualifying criteria. One example would be the ability to offer a home equity loan with bad credit or bridge loan.

Traditionally, private money lenders in Orlando, Florida like 
Independent Lending focus their credit decision around the real estate’s condition and value being used to secure your new Orlando hard money loan.

Furthermore, having proprietary hard money loan programs allows
private money lenders in Orlando, Florida to quality borrowers without having to review stacks of documents or require a minimum credit score.

Being one of Orlando’s preferred hard money lenders, Independent Lending has the financing tools and resources to assist with all your real estate financing needs

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Orlando Hard Money Program Highlights

How Can Orlando Hard Money Lenders Help?

Penetrating the Orlando real estate market and expanding your real estate holdings is easier said than done. While inventory might be improving, without the right financial backing your real estate investing strategy could be ineffective.

Orlando hard money lenders can help support the growth of your real estate portfolio in a variety of ways. By reducing turn times, adding flexibility, and providing advisory support, there are several ways private money lenders in Orlando, Florida can help.

One of the first questions you should ask when searching for a new lending partner is, “how quickly can I close?” An advantage to working with an Orlando hard money lender like Independent Lending is that loan requests can be approved and funded in a matter of days.

By comparison, conventional
conventional lenders typically take anywhere from 45-60 days before closing a new mortgage loan. By simply using a private money lender in Orlando, Florida, you can save both time and money, allowing you to close more deals quickly.

Another way Orlando hard money lenders like Independent Lending can help is by adding additional flexibility, which is often needed when you’re buying a new investment property or requesting a cash out refinance for 
bad credit mortgage loans . Sometimes sellers might not be on the same timeline or you need a financing commitment that same day.

Orlando hard money lenders can ensure you always meet your financing contingencies and can help get you approved for a loan even if you may not qualify for traditional programs. Independent Lending has both purchase and refinance solutions with alternative underwriting criteria that are both cost effective and efficient, providing you with much needed peace of mind.

Lastly, it can be challenging researching hard money lenders. Orlando hard money lenders offer a myriad of services, but ultimately you want to partner with a provider that can listen to your needs and advise you on the best ways to structure your financing strategy.

Independent Lending has 40 years of combined industry experience and can make sure you are in the right loan program to help you reach your financial objectives.

Whether you are just starting out building wealth through real estate, need quick cash, or are interested in financing a unique property type, Independent Lending can help.

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Residential and Commercial Hard Money Purchase Loans

Levering Orlando hard money is one of the best ways to purchase new residential and commercial investment properties. Compared to conforming conventional loan programs, Orlando hard money purchase loans are much less restrictive, require little upfront paperwork, and have faster turn times.

Working with a private money lender in Orlando, Florida will allow you to accelerate your real estate investing strategy. It also can provide you with the competitive advantage you need to beat out other offers on the table.


Hard money bridge loans have become increasingly popular amongst Orlando real estate investors over the last few years. Bridge loans are essentially short-term mortgage loans that allow Orlando property owners to leverage the equity in a property they are intending to sell, but has not yet closed, in order to finance the purchase of a new investment property.

Real estate investors like to utilize hard money bridge loans because they cut through the time of having to wait for the net proceeds from a sale to simply turn around and put the funds back into a new property. Within that time a seller could pull out of a deal or you could miss your shot to acquire the perfect property should it come along.

Bridge loans cut through the red tape, saving you both time and money so that you never miss out on new investment opportunities.


One of the most powerful loans you can leverage through private money lenders in Orlando, Florida is are hard money DSCR loans. Debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) loans are the perfect tool that any new or seasoned real estate investor should have at their disposal.

With a 
hard money DSCR loan, Independent Lending won’t need to review your personal income at all. Instead, an approval decision is based primarily on the potential rental income the subject property can generate, along with its overall condition and fair market value.

Bad Credit Mortgage Loans

Some borrowers may find it difficult to get approval for traditional mortgage programs because of their past credit history. But, Independent Lending works with Orlando borrowers that have all manners of financial situations, offering a guaranteed home equity loan with bad credit providing that the equity and location are acceptable.

Having a blemish on your credit report shouldn’t automatically disqualify you from purchasing or refinancing an investment property. Orland borrowers can get approved for a bad credit home equity loan despite having past collections, delinquencies, or derogatory credit events including, but not limited to, bankruptcies and foreclosures.

Learn more about our 
home equity loan for bad credit.


Nobody ever wants to have to deal with a complex probate real estate, trust or estate situation. These situations can be tricky and tough to navigate. In some cases, there may be outstanding obligations or you beneficiaries will need to find the best way to divide up a decedent’s assets.

Independent Lending offers 
probate, trust and estate loans for situations that require specialty financing that bank and credit unions simply cannot accommodate. To identify whether a probate, estate, or trust loan is the best solution for you, Independent Lending can help you review your hard money options.

Cash Out Refinance

There are several ways to purchase a new investment property. While purchase mortgages tend to be the most prevalent, some real estate owners opt to leverage the power of a hard money cash out refinance loan.

If you own a small business, Orlando hard money lenders offer a cash out 
mortgage for self employed that allows you to leverage the equity in an existing property to inject cash into your business. Putting your equity to work for you can sometimes be more advantageous than exhausting other vital liquid assets.

Independent Lending Recently Funded Loans

Using an Orlando Hard Money Loan from Independent Lending

Data shows that real estate investors continue to seek new opportunities in the Orlando market. As this market continues to expand, it’s important to partner with the right private money lender in Orlando, Florida that can scale with your real estate investing needs.

While many Orlando hard money lenders offer fast and flexible hard money loan programs, many often fail to build trust and lasting relationships with their clients simply because they don’t adequately understand their needs.

What sets Independent Lending apart from other Orland hard money lenders is our concierge-like approach to lenders and dedication to service. With over 40 years of combined industry experience and being credited as a 
Zillow 5-star approved direct lender, our approach to hard money lending can help anyone build wealth owning Orlando real estate.

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