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Independent Lending is one of the top Orange County hard money lenders. With over $500 Million in funding since 2013, leverage our experience for success and contact us today.

  • 40 Years Mortgage Lending Experience

  • Zillow 5-Star Approved Direct Lender

  • Poor - Excellent Credit

  • A+ Rating with BBB

  • No Upfront Fees

Independent Lending

Independent Lending’s corporate office is located in beautiful Aliso Viejo California, part of Southern Orange County. We are Accredited with the BBB proudly displaying a A+ rate and we have been in business since 2013. With millions in funding each year, we specialize in helping investors and homeowners with fast approvals and funding times.

Independent Lending is a direct hard money lender providing various loan programs in Orange County and thru out the entire state of California.  We have competitive rates and excellent
customer service.

Contact us today to discuss your scenario and how we can assist with your mortgage lending goals.


What Sets Us apart


130 Five Star
  • 130 Zillow 5 Star Reviews
  • 5 Star Google Reviews
  • A+ Rating with BBB​


Loans Funded
$ 500 Million
  • 40 Years Mortgage Lending
  • Poor - Excellent Credit
  • Several Programs


Average Days to Fund
15 days
  • No Upfront Fees Ever!
  • Same Day Approval
  • Direct Lender

Orange County Hard Money Lenders

Whether it’s a luxury, modern beachside condominium or an updated short-term rental outside the infamous Disneyland Park, Orange County hard money lenders make it easy to purchase real estate in California.

Most traditional institutional lenders, such as banks and 
credit unions, take a conservative approach to approving new credit requests. With stringent lending requirements, it can be hard for most borrowers to get approved for a new mortgage loan.

Due to the limitations of traditional mortgage loan programs, many Orange County borrowers prefer to work with Orange County hard money lenders who offer fast and flexible financing options.

Independent Lending is a preferred Orange County hard money lender that has 40 years of experience helping thousands of borrowers just like you use hard money loan programs to fund your financial objectives.


Why Use a Hard Money Lender for Orange County Real Estate

Orange County real estate continues to be a strong market that investors seek to penetrate for above average returns. A new boom in leisure travel should help drive future growth in the area.

Smart borrowers are looking to capture the additional demand for vacation rentals by financing new deals with loans from Orange County hard money lenders.

But capitalizing on new short-term rental isn’t the only viable real estate investment strategy that is turning heads in Orange County. Many real estate investors and property owners are seeing opportunities in 
long-term tenancies as rent pricing is expected to incrementally increase over the next few years.

No matter what your business model might entail, it’s clear that there are many advantages to integrating an Orange County hard money lender like Independent Lending into your investing strategy.

The first reason to use Orange County hard money lenders is that they offer flexibility for unique property types and investing strategies.

Traditional lenders like banks and credit unions often have limitations on the number of financed properties you can own along with strict criteria for qualification. This can make it difficult for most borrowers to obtain new mortgage financing, especially if you don’t check all the “right” boxes for qualification.

Conversely, Orange County hard money lenders put most of the emphasis on qualifying for a new hard money mortgage loan based on the underlying property securing the debt. In fact, Independent Lending can qualify borrowers for a new hard money loan without the need to review your personal income. There are also options for borrowers with poor credit or specialty financing needs.

Another reason to use a hard money lender for Orange County real estate is that the approval process is much faster than other loans.

Traditional mortgages can sometimes take upwards of two months to close. By then costs can eat into your profits and your investing pipeline experiences acquisition bottlenecks that impede growth.

Independent Lending can approve you for a hard money loan in a few days, not weeks. This makes hard money financing ideal for anyone looking to purchase or refinance real estate throughout the Orange County area.


Ways to Use a Hard Money Loan in Orange County

Hard money loans are extremely flexible, meaning there are several different ways to use them effectively to achieve financial freedom and success.

It’s important to discuss your financial objects with your hard money lender to ensure you use the right program that fits your financing strategy. Independent Lending can help you find the best hard money loan program for your needs and develop a financing strategy around your core objectives.

While Orange County hard money lenders offer a variety of different hard money loan programs that come with some amazing benefits, not all programs work for everyone. Independent Lending wants to save you the cost and headache of choosing the wrong mortgage program.

By building a specialized financing plan, Independent Lending makes sure you’re put in the right loan program for your financial situation from the start.

Residential and Commercial Hard Money Purchase Loans

Real estate has always been a great tool used by many to generate generational wealth. One of the best ways to leverage an Orange County hard money loan is to finance the purchase of new residential or commercial real estate.

Orange County hard money lenders make it easy to aggressively pursue new real estate deals using a hard money purchase loan. Sellers like to work with borrowers utilizing hard money purchase loans because there are often fewer contingencies and they know the deal will close in record time.

Hard Money Second Mortgage Loans

Independent Lending is one of the few preferred Orange County hard money lenders that offers hard money second mortgage loans.

While traditional lenders may not approve you for a new home equity loan or line of credit due to your credit or personal income, Independent Lending can offer short term hard money second mortgages that can help finance the down payment on a new investment property.


Need a Orange County Hard Money Loan?

Dusk view of a modern home - Achieve your real estate dreams with our trusted Sacramento hard money lender services!

Residential Orange County Hard Money Loans

Evening cityscape of modern homes - Symbolizing Sacramento commercial property success with hard money loans!

Commercial Orange County Hard Money Loans

Bridge Loans

Many borrowers look to leverage the equity in an existing property they are looking to sell to buy a new piece of real estate. Bridge loans are designed to be the ideal short-term financing solution for this particular financial situation.

Orange County hard money lenders can help set you up with a 
hard money bridge loan so that you don’t have to wait around for your property to sell and potentially lose out on a lucrative new real estate opportunity. It also means you can make an offer on a new property without a sales contingency, making you a more competitive buyer.


Probate & Estate Loans

There are several unique situations where you might find yourself in need of a probate, estate, or trust loan. Typically, probate, estate, and trust loans are used to help settle outstanding debt obligations or divide up ownership of a loved one’s assets.

Orange County hard money lenders like Independent Lending can offer short term financing to those that need help wrapping up a decedent’s affairs, providing closure to complicated probate proceedings.


Cash Out Refinance Loans

Leveraging the available equity in an existing California property is a smart tactic when you are looking to expand your real estate portfolio.

cash out refinance hard money loan can help you tap into that existing equity to cover the down payment on another property or pay for a new purchase outright.

Independent Lending also recommends cash out refinance loans for those looking for help paying off an existing higher-priced mortgage with an upcoming rate adjustment or balloon payment coming due.


Orange County Hard Money Loan Highlights

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Using an Orange County Hard Money Loan from Independent Lending

Orange County is iconic for its vibrancy and culture. It’s important you work with a lender that demonstrates the same standard of quality and detail.

While there are many Orange County hard money lenders to choose from, what sets Independent Lending apart from competitors is our concierge-like approach to developing exclusive mortgage financing solutions built around your financial objectives.

Independent Lending always provides the best service available, demonstrated by our 
5-star reputation with Zillow as a direct lender and our A+ rating from the BBB.

We continue to make it our mission to utilize our 40 years of industry experience to help empower Orange County borrowers by integrating our commonsense approach and hard money mortgage programs to any investing strategy.


How We Can Help

Real World Scenario

Independent Lending provided a $130,000 Hard Money Loan for a rehab in Orange, California. The loan was secured by a single family residence with an ARV value of $1,100,000. The homeowners requested the funds to finish remodeling their investment property. We were able to complete the new loan within 2.5 weeks. Income and credit disregarded in the approval process.

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