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Independent Lending is the top choice for hard money lenders Fort Worth. With over $500 Million in funding since 2013, leverage our experience for success and contact us today.

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Independent Lending

Independent Lending is the #1 choice for hard money lenders in Fort Worth for hard money, private money, and custom mortgage loans. Since 2013, our services have been designed to match your specific finance requirements with no additional fees or charges. We recognize that in some cases, borrowers want immediate cash or flexible financing alternatives, and our staff of highly qualified customer care experts is always here to assist you.

We have helped finance over $500 million in mortgage loans as one of the leading hard money lenders for Fort Worth, TX and we are confident that we can provide you with a solution for your mortgage needs. Contact us immediately to learn more about one of our amazing Fort Worth hard money lending services. 


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Hard Money Lenders Fort Worth

Despite it often being referenced alongside its Dallas counterpart, The City of Fort Worth is an amazing standalone metropolitan area with one of the more robust rental real estate markets in the entire state of Texas.

Fort Worth is one of the larger areas that makes up the Metroplex, an area that holds roughly 7.4 million people and which has grown by over 1 million people over the last decade alone.
 The area also boasts one of the top economies in the country. With such a broad talent pool, more and more companies are beginning to consider setting up shop in this flourishing market.

As the area continues to grow, the need for additional housing will only increase. In the greater Fort Worth area, experts predict around 1,600 units will be added to the market, nearly double from those added a year ago.

Real estate investors understand the value of penetrating the Fort Worth real estate market. For example, in the 2010’s the total combined Dallas-Fort Worth housing market doubled in value.
 Nevertheless, investors face steeper competition in this market more than ever before.

As a result, many Fort Worth real estate investors are starting to make strategic partnerships with hard money lenders. Fort Worth hard money lenders have been pivotal helping real estate investors gain a competitive edge to expand their portfolios, enhance cash flow, and improve profitability by providing fast and flexible real estate financing solutions.

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Fort Worth Residential Hard Money Loans

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Fort Worth Commercial Hard Money Loans

What is a Fort Worth Hard Money Loan?

There are several popular methods for financing Fort Worth investment properties. While traditional mortgage loans used to be the primary financing tool, many real estate investors prefer using Fort Worth hard money lenders due to the unique advantages they can provide.

Fort Worth hard money loans are short-term real estate loans that are used to financing the purchase of non-owner occupied residential or commercial real estate. Investors can only get a Fort Worth hard money loan from private money lenders. Fort Worth hard money lenders can be private individuals, companies, or trusts.

The reason why many real estate investors choose Fort Worth hard money lenders is because hard money loans offer greater flexibility in numerous ways.

For example, Fort Worth hard money lenders don’t have to adhere to the same lending guidelines and regulations that institutional lenders must follow. Additionally, Fort Worth hard money lenders often offer a variety of hard money loan programs that have alternative approval criteria.

Independent Lending has been a preferred hard money lender in the Fort Worth area for over a decade. Having helped thousands of real estate investors leverage propriety hard money loan programs, Independent Lending’s hard money solutions can help you save money and streamline your real estate financing strategy.


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Fort Worth Hard Money Program Highlights

How Can Fort Worth Hard Money Lenders Help?

The Fort Worth real estate market offers a lot of upside for investors that can zero in on competitively priced investment properties. However, this market is also highly saturated in competition. One way to outperform other investors is by partnering with a Fort Worth hard money lender.

Fort Worth hard money lenders can help both new and seasoned real estate investors in a lot of ways. A few of the key benefits to working with hard money lenders Fort Worth is adding necessary flexibility and efficiencies to your overall investment strategy.

While most borrowers think of the real estate purchase process as linear, there is a lot of room for divergence. Traditional lenders specifically can throw a wrench into your negotiations when they find your credit score, or finances aren’t up to snuff.

Furthermore, traditional lenders such as banks and credit unions are notorious for taking upwards of 45-60 days before they can make a credit decision and approve a new mortgage loan.

Working with a Fort Worth hard money lender, you avoid the regulatory red tape that bogs down processing times. As a result, you can get a credit decision in days and fund your loan in often less than a week. You also get the added underwriting flexibility unavailable through other institutional lenders.

Another way Fort Worth hard money lenders can help is by providing consultative services for situations that require strategic solutions. Using a hard money lender, Fort Worth investors can leverage local industry knowledge and deeper insights that can help you optimize your investment plan.

Independent Lending prides itself on being the top local Fort Worth hard money provider that can offer real estate investors a myriad of solutions that can support their business plan. With over a decade of experience, Independent Lending has the tools to help you achieve a higher return on investment, whether that requires a quick cash infusion, a unique property type, or specialty financing request.

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Residential and Commercial Hard Money Fort Worth Purchase Loans

The most common type of Fort Worth hard money loan real estate investors gravitate toward is a hard money purchase mortgage. Hard money purchase loans can be used to purchase new residential or commercial real estate.

The great thing about using a hard money purchase loan over other conforming conventional programs is that you don’t have to worry about restrictive property types. Similarly, you can close faster and streamline your purchase process. By building in more efficiency, you can make more competitive offers. 

Bridge Loan Texas

hard money bridge loan is a short-term mortgage that leverages an investors available equity in an existing Fort Worth property that is pending sale. The funds can be used to help fund the down payment or entire purchase of a new Fort Worth investment property.

Fort Worth hard money lenders like Independent Lending often recommend hard money bridge loans to investors who are looking to strategically leverage existing assets and need more flexibility within overarching purchase process.    

dscr loans texas

Independent Lending has been recognized as one of Fort Worth’s top providers of hard money DSCR loans. Debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) loans have become extremely popular over the last decade, especially with newer investors looking to get started in real estate investing.

The reason hard money DSCR loans are so powerful is because they allow a borrower to qualify for a new mortgage without the demonstration of personal income. Instead, Independent Lending qualifies you for a new mortgage based on the underlying real estate’s potential to generate rental income.

There are several types of real estate investors that can benefit from hard money 
DSCR loan programs. Those that are self-employed, retired, participate primarily in the gig-economy, or that receive forms of non-traditional income are the perfect candidates for this type of Fort Worth hard money program.  

bad credit loans fort worth tx

Hard money lenders in Fort Worth, TX have long since been an outlet for real estate investors in need of real estate financing but whose credit does not meet the minimum standards for traditional loan programs.

Independent Lending has always been a proponent of providing flexible financing solutions to all borrowers, regardless of their credit history. 
Hard money bad credit loans allow Fort Worth real estate investors to obtain the necessary financing for a new investment property regardless of whether they have had a history of collections, delinquency, or serious derogatory credit event, including bankruptcy or foreclosure.     

Probate, Estate, and Trust Loans

Nobody ever wants to be put in situations where they are required to navigate the complexities of the probate, estate, and trust process. Nevertheless, some borrowers may find themselves stuck needing extra funds to settle a decedent’s outstanding obligations or divide up ownership of any remaining assets.

Fort Worth hard money lenders understand how troubling probate, estate, and trust processes can be. That’s why Independent Lending offers probate, estate, and trust loans to those needing specialty funding to help finalize these difficult situations and provide closure.       

cash out refinance texas

Fort Worth hard money lenders have a variety of hard money loan programs that real estate investors can take advantage of. In some cases, a hard money cash out refinance loan can be the more tactful approach than a hard money purchase mortgage.

There are many benefits to utilizing hard money lenders in Fort Worth, TX for your cash out refinance needs. For one, you can get the funds you need much faster that other types of loans
Similarly, have a hard money cash out refinance mortgage solution available to use in combination with other hard money loan programs creates more efficiency and allows you to structure your real estate financing in the most optimal way possible.  

Independent Lending Recently Funded Loans

Using a Fort Worth Hard Money Loan from Independent Lending

The Fort Worth real estate market is quite expansive, with numerous investment opportunities where real estate investors can make big profits. Nevertheless, competition remains a barrier to any new real estate investment plan.

To gain a competitive edge, many real estate investors have found it advantageous to make strategic partnerships with local Fort Worth hard money lenders who can offer unique loan programs, flexible funding arrangements, and fast credit decisions.

However, before you commit to partnering with a Fort Worth hard money lender, you consider several key characteristics that may indicate whether that provider is the right fit for your business model. Namely, synergy with your overall plan and 
credibility are paramount features your Fort Worth hard money lender should have.

Independent Lending prides has over 40 years of combine industry expertise working throughout multistate markets. Our proven track record of helping thousands of borrowers leverage unique hard money lending programs demonstrates our commitment to keeping our clients needs at the forefront of our processes.

While many Fort Worth hard money lenders offer a wide array of hard money loan programs, many fail to synergize with their client’s individual investment goals.

Our concierge-like approach to hard money lending allows us to provide a streamlined customer experience centered around your specific needs, so that we are always moving forward with helping you achieve your financial goals.     

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