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Home Equity Loan for Bad Credit

Home Equity Loan for Bad Credit

Lots of banks and credit unions have stiff credit rating requirements, which are in some cases above what the real loan standards ask for. These firms will set the minimum credit rating requirements for their matching loan programs, making the loan even more difficult to qualify for when looking for a home equity loan for bad credit.

This is why you might connect with a lender for an FHA cash out refinance, and despite the fact that FHA does enable credit rating as low as 500, you might get rejected with a 550 or a 575 credit rating. That lender might have its own credit floor above 500 and this can differ lender to lender.


It can be difficult when shopping for a loan

It may be difficult to locate lender overlays, which creates a painful experience in having to contact every lender until you find the one that can help you. Also, it can be counter productive in having your credit pulled several times when going shopping for a loan.

If you are looking for bad credit mortgage loans, working with a qualified mortgage professional will assist in preventing from using to several lenders and having your credit pulled several times. Often, it is simply about discovering the ideal loan program.


Independent Lending is a Great Option

At Independent Lending, we have wholesale lenders that do not have many underwriting overlays for FHA, traditional, and VA loans, which truly assists our customers that have credit ratings in between 500 and 620. When it comes to non-QM loans such as DSCR or hard money, we work with numerous various loan providers and have many choices for each of our customers’ distinct requirements. As a hard money direct lender, we streamline our home equity loan for bad credit programs.

Clients stay loyal to us, due to the fact that we assist them in discovering a loan program that they have the best shot at getting approved for and that fits their particular needs. We excel at getting the approval portion completed in the early states of the process, generally after the very first assessment.

Bad Credit Mortgage Loan Options

At Independent Lending, we focus on making hard money loans for borrowers with past credit problems. If you fall under this classification, or you have actually had challenges getting approved through a conventional lender, we look forward to hearing from you.

We Specialize in Home Equity Loans for Bad Credit in Arizona, California, Florida and Texas. For a cash out refinance, we can identify just how much you might be able to obtain and we also love equity based purchases! Our underwriting procedure focuses on the value of the collateral security, instead of your credit history or income. Contact us today to see if you qualify for our bad credit home equity loan program.

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