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Houston Hard Money Lenders

Houston Hard Money Lenders

As a city typically associated with the American space program, Houston has actually drawn a great deal of attention from investors thinking about their success (mainly larger revenues) by deepening their real estate portfolios by using Houston hard money lenders for explosive long-lasting returns.

The Houston real estate landscape has actually grown significantly, however stays an essential city market loaded with opportunity. To take advantage of these financial investment opportunities rapidly and effectively, investors are leaning on Houston hard money lenders to assist in a T
exas cash out refinance or hard money purchase loans.

Why Independent Lending?

Independent Lending makes use of a private, secure loan application process to provide 24 hr loan approvals and closings in as low as 5-7 business days. As a direct private money lender, we have the ability to process and underwrite every loan in-house.

For over 20 years David and his group have assisted numerous borrowers and customers with hard money lending. We intend to be the # 1 Houston hard money lender and we comprehend what it takes to get your private money loans funded quickly!

A Few of our Most Popular Lending Programs


Houston is amongst the very best places to live in Texas. With the the countries expense of living so high and life situations coming at everyone in manner, a broken credit report is something many  people will discover in our life time. Independent Lending does not feel that your credit report should determine your ability to get approved for a new bad credit mortgage loan in Houston.

Unlike the other large banks and regional 
credit unions, hard money loans for bad credit are offered to our borrowers to aid with their real estate objectives. Independent Lending provides bad credit mortgage loans to Texas borrowers regardless if you have experienced past delinquenciescollections, or bad credit circumstances such as a foreclosure or a personal bankruptcy.


Incorporating Texas 
hard money cash out refinance loans into your real estate investing technique is a sensible action given real estate market patterns over the last number of years. Private money cash out refinance loans can even be more advantageous than a hard money purchase loans for investment properties.

Cash out loans can provide capital to your existing small company or enable you to do a bridge loan while your present house is on the marketplace and put a deposit on the brand-new house of your dreams. 
We even have programs for bad credit cash out loans.


There are numerous property investor that will utilize hard money equity loans for Houston real estate to buy either a residential or industrial rental home. Since conventional or traditional loan programs can be extremely hard to get authorized for, at the minimum needing great credit and verified reserves and earnings, hard money loan requirements can be much more liberal and a Houston hard money home equity loan with Independent Lending can be a much better financing alternative.


Moving Forward with Independent Lending

Typically only current mortgage statements, home owners insurance statement pages and photo ID’s are all that’s required to begin the process for hard money lending. Behind the scenes, the hard money loan officer will order an appraisal or BPO and current title report. A title report with determine if there are any liens that might possibly stop the process and the existing market value of the subject residential or commercial property is figured out by the appraisal report.

Call us at 1-800-315-0043 or click the Apply Now button found at the very top of this short article and we can discuss in detail the best path to take for your hard money mortgage lending success. Contact us so that we can develop an in-depth mortgage loaning strategy to see if a hard money loans is something that would work for you.

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