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Hard Money Loans

Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans could be an excellent choice if you’re looking for additional cash to finance your next property or to get through times of personal financial challenge. Within the category of mortgage lending there are numerous loan choices offered, discovering the ideal one for your goals can be tough.

A hard money loan can be notably useful if you’re in need of quick funds or if you do not qualify for other kinds of 
conventional or traditional funding. Independent Lending is a direct hard money lender specializing in hard money loan products. What are these loans that we offer and how are they different from more standard loan choices?


What Is A Hard Money Loan?

A hard money loan is a special kind of loan in which funds are secured by real estate instead of the homeowner’s credit history and debt to income ratio.

Comparable to a
bridge loan, hard money lenders mainly focus on real estate and these lenders can be an individual or private money lenders, as banks or credit unions do not typically offer these types of programs. These hard money equity loans normally last 12 – 60 months and are frequently utilized as a method to get quick cash.

You might look into 
hard money equity loans if you desire to purchase a brand-new home however your present home has not yet sold and is stalling on the market, a hard money bridge loan might be a method to tap into your home’s equity and use those funds as a deposit or down payment on your new home. Other typical uses for hard money loans consist of purchasing an investment property or injecting money into your small business with a hard money mortgage for self employed.

The most significant difference between hard money loans and other kinds of mortgage loans, such as conventional loans, is your home is used as collateral and the hard money lender is more interested in equity, condition and location of the subject property. Borrowers with a challenging credit report will have a much easier time being approved with hard money loans for bad credit, as their credit scores are not a big part of the underwriting equation. When you need money fast, hard money loans require less paperwork and their approval process is much more streamlined, allowing for quick access to your real estate equity for quick money.


Hard Money Loan Rates

The loan approval process for conventional mortgage lending usually includes the underwriter examining all the borrowers background details in order to identify if the new mortgage payments can be made. When it comes to asset based lending, the lender is not forensically dissecting your financial background, so they are immediately taking a greater risk that you could default on the new loan. Hard money lenders will take this risk because the subject property serves as collateral, so they can foreclose and eventually sell the property if the borrower can not follow through with their loan payment obligations.

This greater risk is the main reason for higher interest rates with hard money lending. In general, hard money interest can be anywhere from 7.99 – 13%, depending on the amount of equity and the position of the new lien. A 
hard money second mortgage will always have a higher rate than a first mortgage due to this loan being in the 2nd lien position and second in line to get paid in case of default.


Independent Lending Locations


Arizona draws in future residents of every age because of its spectacular views and varied landscape, however desert living and the Grand Canyon are its most popular attractions. Arizona has excellent dry climate in addition to an abundant history and it continues to grow!

David and his experienced team have funded hard money loans to numerous clients for more than twenty years. We aim to be among the leading Arizona hard money lender and we understand what it requires to fund your 
private money home equity loan rapidly and skillfully!


From the warm sandy beaches to the beautiful wine countryside, Independent Lending is well-informed of the ins and outs of the California real estate and mortgage market. This allows us to incorporate with many mortgage loan program methods and produce favorable outcomes for our clients and to be amongst the leading California hard money lenders.


At Independent Lending, we understand the need to escape to warm ocean breezes and pearl colored sandy beaches. That is why we are proud to provide our services as one of the leading Florida hard money lenders. We focus on assisting individuals with hard money investment property loans to acquire short-term rentals or offer hard money loans for bad credit in order to make their financial dreams come true for Sunshine State residents. 


We have been offering hard money rental loans for Texas real estate for some time and these loans can cover a wide range of residential, business or commercial properties. We cover the entire state of Texas and enjoy working with residents of each city. For example we are proud to be one of the very best Houston hard money lenders.


Moving Forward with independent Lending

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