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Non QM Loans

Non QM Loans

When you are looking to get a mortgage, either buying a home or pulling equity out, QM and Non QM loans are options for mortgage lending. A few of the most common QM loans mortgage programs to get would be Conventional loans, FHA loans, USDA loans, and VA loans. One unique characteristic about these loan programs, is that in order for them to be approved, it must fall under the parameters of being a QM or  “qualified mortgage. When your loan application for these programs is provided, an underwriter is going to go through your file with diligence to ensure it fulfills all the requirements for QM (qualified mortgage) and that you have a documentable capability to repay the loan. Each program has various criteria, between Conventional, FHA, USDA, and VA– but, some of the more comprehensive things are going to be:



Making sure that you have at least 2 years of employment in the very same industry, with stable pay that will continue for the foreseeable future. If you were self employed in the same industry and switched to W-2, then you will need to show 2 years history as the W-2 employee. Declining income or gaps in employment is a red flag for the underwriter and can be the reason for not being approved if the letter of explanation is not accepted.


Making sure that your credit is good, which you have actually been able to keep the financial obligations you have taken on with on-time month-to-month payments. The Mortgage company will pull all three credit bureaus and dissect the information. Much heavier weight is given to home mortgages and vehicle loans, when taking a look at on-time payment history.

Debt-to-Income Ratios

Making certain that your “debt-to-income ratios” are within strict specifications. We take a look at something called “front end” and “back end” ratios. The front end is your mortgage payment/income as a percentage, and your back end is your mortgage payment plus all your regular monthly payments for debts (as revealed on your credit reports) <divided by> earnings.

Each loan program has various 
front end and back end debt to income ratios but the basic rule of thumb is we like to see the front end in the 30% range and the back end in the 40% range. Those ratios may seem really rigorous, after all, “if I have enough money to pay all of it monthly, why can’t I qualify even if those ratios are high?” Well, for starters, we use gross earnings to qualify you — so we want to ensure that you have sufficient funds available for taxes. Plus, when an underwriter looks at your file, they know that what reveals on a credit report is a little part of the everyday obligations of life.

By having strict ratios, it makes sure that you should be able to pay for all your financial obligations, your mortgage, your taxes, as well as food, utilities, home repairs and maintenance, and usually having money for quality of life costs.


Not every individual has the very same circumstances and scenario. In some cases, the above aspects might disqualify certain people from being able to qualify in those more standard loan programs. We mainly see this with self employed individuals along with real estate investors that have a great deal of rental residential or commercial properties.

This is where non traditional/non QM loans enter into place.



If you don’t wish to utilize your personal income to qualify, however you’ve got a rental home that has or will be producing income. A DSCR loan (debt service cover ratio loan) will utilize the marketplace estimated rental earnings to assist you get approved for the loan, making sure that the rental income produced is enough to cover the entire monthly payment. Either a lease agreement or a form supplied by the appraiser called the Form 1007 – Single-Family Comparable Rent Schedule will be used to determine market rent.

Commission Income

If you operate on commission, and your pay is infrequent however substantial. Asset depletion or bank statement loans take a look at whatever you have sitting (and being deposited) in your bank, and use that as earnings. For self employed people that have large deposits coming in, at an infrequent schedule, due to commission work or seasonal influxes; this can be a very advantageous choice.  The underwriter will take a percentage of the deposits and count the formula as income.

Low Credit Scores

If your credit scores inhibit you from being able to do a conventional loan. A hard money loan might be a terrific temporary loan, to assist you to complete your project and get you to where you require to be — so that you can then re-finance the property into a different loan program, once the renovation is done and you have an occupant in place. Hard money loans also offer a great deal of flexibility, such as the choice to potentially integrate in 6-12 months of interest payments so that there is no out of pocket initially.


Hard Money Lending

In general, mortgage programs all have their cons and pros, and each has something special to give. An excellent loan officer is going to exhaust all choices to discover something that you will both get approved for, and that will best fit your individual circumstances. A great loan program will be one that fits your circumstances like a well-tailored suit, and helps you fulfill your objectives (both personally, and financially).

For some individuals, this might be an FHA or standard loan– and for others, this may be a bank statement or 
DSCR loan. It’s very essential, for any loan program, to think about the benefits and drawbacks for both the long term and the short term. By finding out what program will be best for you both today and in 10 years, you will set yourself up on a path to success.


We Specialize in Non QM Loans in Arizona, California, Florida and Texas. For a cash out refinance, even if you have problems with your credit, we can offer bad credit mortgage loans with immediate approval. We are your go to private money lender and our underwriting focuses on the collateral rather than your credit rating or earnings. Contact us today to see if you qualify relating to a Non QM mortgage loan.

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